By the time you get to that age, they are professionals at sniffing out trouble, and you most certainly will not get away with it like your brother or sister did. Your parents know the secret sock drawer now, so you might want to find a new hiding spot for whatever substance you’re keeping from them.


Magpies have an eye for shiny things. They search for bright bits of meaning amongst
the dirt and filth of their world. Living in a small town on the outskirts of Saskatoon with
his emotionally distant and alcoholic father, Ben struggles with his increasingly somber
view of society. He is haunted by the death of his older brother and the mysteries of his
mother’s suicide. Unable to live life like the other magpies around him, he slips deeper
into the darkness of his own mind. Deciding that everything wrong in his world can be
traced back to the drug dealer, Faran Bird, Ben travels to Saskatoon to kill Faran.

In one long and lonely day, Ben starts out on the dusty gravel roads of his hometown, and
continues on, to the dirt and grime of the worst parts of Saskatoon.


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