23 People Tell The Creepiest Case Of ‘Twin Telepathy’ They’ve Ever Witnessed

Death omen

“My aunt and dad were twins. My aunt woke up in the middle of the night from an odd dream. She even woke my uncle up to tell him about it. In the dream, my dad told her to take care of my sister and I. He told my aunt he was leaving and needed her to look after us. She said the dream really shook her. That morning we found out my dad died in his sleep.” — IndiaLeigh

Extremely identical

“In high school we took a quiz on the assigned reading we had done from To Kill a Mockingbird. One of the questions was “what did Scout dress up as for Halloween?” (a ham) My brother and I both included similarly drawn pictures of stick figures wearing ham costumes in the margins of the quiz.” — OatmealRaisinBagel

Actual telepathy

“During woodshop my twin thought “I wish had that sandpaper.” I thought he had said this aloud and handed the sandpaper to him without saying anything. No one around us heard him say he wanted sandpaper, and is still one of our greatest moments.” — Call_Me_Kenneth_

Teleporting pain

“One of us was going up the stairs, and the other was playing in the living room. My mum was stood in the doorway of the hallway and and the living room, so she could see both of us.

Whoever was on the stairs fell and banged their knee, but was fine. Instantly, the twin in the living room (who couldn’t see the stairs and was unaware anything had happened) suddenly grabbed his knee and started crying…” — Jackisback123

He just knew

“I used to date a twin. A long long time ago before smart phones and internet and… His twin brother came back from vacation with a broken leg. My ex said, oh so matter-of-factly “Oh, I wondered why my knee was hurting.”” — Happy-in-CA

Twin souls

“Both of us used to wear eyeliner about two years ago but have since changed our makeup routines and neither of us wear eyeliner anymore. Except for one Sunday when we both woke up and thought “huh, I want to wear eyeliner today” and put some on. We live in different buildings and neither of us had even mentioned eyeliner beforehand.

Then there was the time we both got up out of our chairs at the same time to go tell the other we wanted to make grilled cheese. We had been in separate rooms.” — [deleted]

Spidey sense

“My father is a twin. When my uncle was on his honeymoon, my parents were robbed. When my dad discovered the break-in, my uncle, sitting at his campsite, jumped up & told my aunt “pack your shit, something happened with (my dad). We gotta go.” They were 1500 miles away.” — Gonzostewie

Dead heat

“My twin and I were both sport camp counselors a couple summers ago. To decide which team would go to bat first my twin and I would play Rock Paper Scissors. We “shot” the same hand 9 times in a row.” — friskyfrog224

Matchy matchy

“It annoys me how often my twin brother and I, by sheer coincidence, end up wearing almost the exact same clothes.” — ROBANN_88

We’re really good at charades

“Once my twin and I had a high school literature class together. The class was playing a charades-style vocabulary game in which people would have to act out a vocab word and get their team to guess it. My twin went up for my team, saw the word on the paper, and just looked at me with a sad, defeated, expression. I looked from their eyes to the teacher, and guessed the correct vocabulary word first try with no clues.” — Fameroni


“I have twin daughters. They are only 18 months, so they haven’t had a lot of time to do something too freaky. However, once I came to pick them up at daycare and they were still playing while I was talking with the teacher. They were on opposite sides of the room from each other each pushing a play stroller with a baby doll in it. At the exact same time, with no discernible communication made, they both stopped, walked to the other side of the room, and started pushing the other stroller. It was crazy.” — brontojem

We know when there’s trouble

“Twin here, In high school I was out four wheeling with a friend at the time. My twin on the other hand was about 50 miles away from me at work. While screwing around that day I flipped my buddies truck and almost got us killed. So being in the middle of no where with no cell service we figure out a plan to get help. A few hours later after we make it back home an into cell service I see I have a missed call from my twin. I give him a ring to tell this crazy story about wrecking a truck. He answers in a panic, asking me if I’m okay and what happened. Slightly caught off guard I ask what do you mean. He said he was working and at the exact time I flipped this truck into a ditch he was hit with this wave of something going terribly wrong. He knew it involved me but didn’t know what had happened. After the phone call I look at my phone to realize his call came in one minuet after I had crashed the truck. Throughout our lives there has been other instances of this.” — [deleted]


“I’m an identical twin. My brother and I are very close. There was a brief period of time where my brother and I would longboard either stoned or drunk (or both). I had an extremely vivid dream one night of my brother’s funeral. The dream started with me at an alter and a crowd of people sitting in pews. I looked down at the alter and noticed a sheet of paper, so I began reading it aloud. It described, in detail, how my brother died longboarding down a hill and getting hit by a car. I remember reading it and having this incredibly eerie feeling, like I was having some sort of premonition or something. Like what I was reading was something that was going to inevitably happen. After this realization, I looked up and everyone in my dream was standing and looking at me with wide eyes. When I looked down at the page I had just been reading, the text read in giant bold lettering,


Everyone in the pews suddenly started rushing the alter, choking and crushing me. I woke up sobbing incredibly hard, finding it hard to breathe (as if I actually had been trampled and suffocated).

I’m not usually one to believe in dreams or premonitions but this scared me shitless. I wrote a lengthy text describing my dream and asking him to promise not to longboard under any sort of influence any time soon. We both quit longboarding shortly after.” — Negh

She knew before the doctors did

“My wife’s best friends growing up were a set of twins and a few years ago one of them died after a long battle with cancer. Her twin was talking with us after the funeral and saying how she could feel the cancer winning and knew what her sister was going to find out from then doctor and could even tell the 3rd time the cancer came back before her sister did.” — anon_e_mous9669

Creepy twin stuff

“Back in 2004 my twin brother got married and went to Hawaii several months later on a delayed honeymoon. Around Tuesday I started to feel really hot and felt heat radiating off my skin, the next day it was a little worse. That night they called and said where they were at. I asked them if Jason had gotten a sunburn and his wife confirmed he had gotten his back sunburnt.

There have been other times I was thinking about something and he would start talking about the same subject. Once when we were kids I was thinking how awesome pizza would be for dinner, and then he asked mom if we could get a pizza.

Another time in a English class we had to write an essay at the end of a test. The teacher thought we had somehow cheated, both essays were identical with the same Grammer mistakes. We were sitting on oposite sides of the room during the test.” — Nate0110

Birth omen

“I knew she was pregnant with her first child before she did.” — jaysjami

Teachers hate this one weird trick

“Someone with twin boys said they both had tests in school and both answered everything exactly the same and the teacher was furious and made them test again separately and still tested exactly the same and it was really embarrassing for her.” — SillyGayBoy

We always win game night

“Seriously. I am not making this up. We were playing a game of Pictionary. We were not cheating just playing regularly. I drew 2/3 of a circle — and he blurts out:

“King Tut!”

That was the answer.” — Loves2watch

Another omen

“Around the time (the same hour) that my twin sister died I fainted for the first time in my life. I was not aware she had died (it was an aortic aneurysm, totally out of the blue, she was 23 and healthy). I was at work and just fainted. I wasn’t sick, never fainted before, I just collapsed to the floor with no warning and was unconscious for around 5 seconds I think. While I was sat being looked at by the first aider at work I got the call to go to the hospital as she had been taken in. She had already died at home though. Worst day of my life. ” — marilokisky

Pain transfer

“When me and my twin sister were 2, she got a finger stuck in a door and part of it was ripped out. My parents took her to the hospital while my aunt and uncle watched me at home.

Apparently I was playing calmly and a certain point I started shouting and crying and shaking. My aunt and uncle were so panicked, nothing seemed to appease me. My uncle even had to hold me in his arms because I was shacking hysterically. I eventually became calm again, as if nothing happened.

When my parents came home, they explained the whole thing to them. My parents were in disbelief: at the same time I had my crisis, my sister went in the operation room to get stitches and my parents and the doctor were shocked that she didn’t even flinched, cried or did whatever a 2 year old would normally do if having a finger stitched up without being anesthetized. She even laughed and sang while waiting in the emergency room.

My parents and aunt/uncle still believe to this day that somehow I felt the pain for my sister, that it was somehow transferred. Weird.” — mrspremise

Twin language

“My dad and his brother weren’t twins and actually 2 years apart in age. My uncle didn’t speak for the first five years of his life in anything but a made up language that for some reason my dad understood perfectly. He couldn’t speak it back, but everything my uncle said was clear as day to my dad.” — LynnisaMystery

Our minds work the same way

“My twin sister and I both took Spanish in eighth grade from the same teacher, but we were in different class periods. At the start of every new lesson, we would watch a video introducing what we were about to learn. Our teacher would always ask us if we had any questions after the video finished, and several times I was the only one with a question and when I would ask it, our teacher would turn white and say, “Your sister was the only one with a question last period and it was the exact same question.” It happened about 5 times over the course of the year.” — [deleted]

We forget who did what

“Sometimes my twin and I will forget who did what. Like I’ll have a specific memory of something even from a few years ago and she’ll go “No, I did that.” And sometimes its confusing and annoying because I’ll have such a vivid memory of doing it, but she did too. The exact same way.” — Happykamper991