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Date the person who loves you for your wounds and flaws and cracks. Who loves you through the ups and downs and dips that life throws at both of you. Date the person who adores you through all the fire and rain and thunderstorms inside your heart. Who shows up for you, no matter the wreckage that you could potentially send their way.

To get someone to adore you you’ve got to be at one with yourself. Ask yourself if you’re really happy in life, because if you are then we love happy people and gravitate towards them.

To my shameful acknowledgment, my motivation for holding on was actually self-serving. Even after our relationship ended, I wanted to feel loved; I clung to him, because I had become emotionally dependent on him to make me feel loved and secure.

You’ve taken sleep, peace, self-love from me. I’m tired of thinking about it. I’m tired of being angry. I’m tired of crying. I’m exhausted by this pain and this sadness and I’m tired of not being happy.

I’ve grown tired of love, I know it because I’ve started to like myself more lately. There’s something strong developing against my questionable judgment inside of me.

Sleeping all day long and missing classes, leaving exam hall without finishing your test, losing your appetite, not taking calls – I’m sorry, but I seem to not see the beauty in that. Normal everyday activities become too hard to follow, what is so good about that?

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