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The crazy girl is insanely passionate and doesn’t love by half-measures. Wether it’s a project, a subject, a place or the people in her tribe, if she loves something she loves it silly, throwing herself into it head-first.

And we’re bigger than that; in a time and age where we are more connected and capable than ever before – you and I are bigger than that bubble. Bigger than our small towns; bigger than those tabloid newspapers; bigger than closing our curtains and selves off from the outside world.

The reality is even things that you love, that you’re hungry for and passionate about, will occasionally be things you don’t want to do. Work is work. That’s why we don’t call it Big Happy Fun Time.

He’s the kind of boy that will justify toxic behavior by hiding behind his love. He told you not to go to that party, not to wear that dress, not to talk to that friend — because he cares. Because he wants you all to himself. He’ll make it sound sweet so you can’t complain. So you can’t see how dangerous he really is.

Sagittarius: You’re unhappy because you’re living a lie. You are trying to be someone you’re not in order to make your family or your friends or someone else (who isn’t you) happy. You convinced yourself to believe this is the life you’re supposed to live, but you know it’s not.

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