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People seem very anxious. The extent of Reagan’s victory – and the Republicans’ sweep of the Senate – has surprised even the conservatives; some liberals are still shell-shocked. People who never talk about politics are now talking about politics, and that seems to me the worst sign of all.

She seems happy on the outside but deep down she is not; she doesn’t know why she has this pain, she doesn’t know why she has no trust, she doesn’t know why she is strangely afraid of men, and why she always dressed in hoodies and sweatpants.

We spend too much time reading self help books and articles about what men like; what qualities men look for in a wife – most of which is a waste of time. Are you really trying to fit a check list? Most of those articles don’t even make sense.

Dating in our twenties is a hard thing—especially in 2017—but it doesn’t mean that we should give up what we deserve and settle for less. Because the truth is, if it is something real, you will know.

I’m devastated. I’m devastated I didn’t choose you. I’m devastated I let fear come between us. I’m devastated I didn’t have the courage to say yes to you, to stay and not run away. I’m devastated that a girl, who didn’t believe in soul mates, met hers and turned them away.

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