15 Women On The One Personality Trait That Makes A Guy Totally Irresistible


1.“Someone who’s in touch with his feminine side. And doesn’t act like he’s never seen period blood.”

— Jolene, 21

2. “A guy who doesn’t expect me to be a ‘lady’ all the time is a fucking gem. If you can watch me thug out without commenting on what a ‘bro’ I am, we can hang.”

— Marcella, 23

3. “Confidence. Not the cocky kind, the assured kind.”

— Paulette, 22

4. “I like thoughtful people. People who take notice of you, even in the simplest way. Ex: Someone who sees you sniffling and just makes a conscious effort to get you a kleenex. I find it so attractive when a man pays attention.”

— Keisha, 26

5. “A sense of adventure, and a love for play.”

— Ella, 23

6. “Charm and wit! Gotta love a dude who can hold a conversation that goes beyond what our majors/hometowns are.”

— Noelle, 22

7. “Sweetness.”

— Harriet, 23

8. “Being a feminist ;)”

— Julia, 20

9. “Gimme a guy who loves to read, and I’m set.”

— Annabel, 25

10. “Having a wonderful relationship with his mother. A man who not only treats his mom with total love and respect, but also genuinely likes to hang out with her, is a keeper.”

— Mariel, 28

11. “Being kind to everyone, including waiters, homeless people, animals, and kids.”

— Willow, 25

12. “Not hesitating before giving his subway seat to a senior, a pregnant women, or a disabled person.”

— Siri, 23

13. “Showing respect to service workers is huge. If you’re a total dick to the person serving us our food, I’m not interested.”

— Cat, 25

14. “Being confident in his masculinity. If he can wear pink and get a MANicure (hehe) without obsessing over what those things might reflect about his sexuality, he can def make my panties drop.”

— Zeina, 21

15. “Remembering little things I say. And being great with kids.”

— Carlotta, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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