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The One Simple Thing To Do When You Fall For Someone Who Is Totally Unavailable

You just met him. You are single. Right out of a rough relationship and ready to meet someone new. In fact, you need to meet somebody new, someone who will make you feel great, who will lift you up and make you feel one of a kind. You are looking for this kind of high a new relationship brings along and sweeps you off your feet. And here he is! He’s awesome, with a striking appearance, witty, with a great sense of humor. He makes you laugh. He’s the best lover. You can see your life fast forward with this guy. It looks great. It feels great.

Then it starts. The waiting game.

You check your phone for a missed called. Maybe a text. Nothing. You check your social media for a sign. Still nothing. Could it be that his message for you somehow got lost in the vastness of cyberspace? A dark emptiness looms around you. The screen of your smartphone plays dumb.

You are alone, detached, abandoned.

Where are you? Where is he? You venture to be the first to communicate. The nothingness is hurting your soul. The absence is drilling your mind with a single question:


When he reappears, you realize his smile is fake, though your sexual compatibility is real. Your body’s on fire and then your mind gets no satisfaction, no promise, not a clue about the next time. You ask him when you are going to get together again and then his answer is a no-answer. He practically tells you that this has nothing to do with you, it has only to do with him. He needs space, air, water, whatever…

Basically, he says he needs anything else but you.

I know. It’s so hard to digest. Just don’t fall for the trap. Don’t fall in the vortex of “I need space,” unless you are willing for it to swallow you.

Ciao, adieux, so long, adios, geia sou, so many ways to say goodbye and leave. Leave and live. You deserve better.

You deserve what you want, the way you want it. Don’t start compromising before even having a relationship. Do yourself a favor and walk away. Keep whatever good you got from this encounter and move forward.

You have your life to live the way you want to live it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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