You're Not Crazy, He's Gaslighting You, And Here Are 50 Ways To Be 100% Sure

50 Truths About Almost Relationships That Are Going To Be Hard For You To Hear

1. If he liked you as much as you liked him, then he would not hesitate to call you his girlfriend.

2. If he does not want to put a label onto your relationship now, nothing you do will change his mind.

3. Most of the time, I’m not ready for anything serious right now is code for I have no interest in dating you.

4. If he introduces you as just a friend even after you have kissed then his feelings are not as strong as yours are.

5. Just because he says he misses you and likes all your Insta photos does not mean he likes you. At least not in the way you want him to like you.

6. Some people are only interested in sex.

7. Some people are only interested in ego boosts.

8. He would not keep you waiting a full week for a text if he was hoping to turn you into his girlfriend.

9. The right guy for you would never make you feel ignored or unimportant.

10. Just because there is strong chemistry between you two does not mean you would make a good couple.

11. Even though your heart is telling you he is the right one, you cannot ignore what your head is saying.

12. It sucks to realize you wasted so much time on the wrong person, but it’s better to accept what happened and move on.

13. Never get into a casual relationship with someone you have strong feelings for and secretly want to date.

14. Sleeping with him is not going to change his mind about being your boyfriend.

15. You should hold out for someone who likes you for more than your beauty.

16. There are guys out there who will be honest with you instead of playing mind games with you.

17. If he is sending mixed signals, then his meaning is actually pretty clear. He does not like you enough to date you.

18. Even though you gave him your time and effort and maybe even your body, that does not mean he owes you anything.

19. You cannot make him love you.

20. And you cannot stop yourself from loving him.

21. But you can choose to walk away from him.

22. You can decide that you deserve more than half his attention.

23. You deserve more than a maybe or someday.

24. You should not settle for less than you would want your friends to settle for.

25. Stop wondering whether he has a good reason for not wanting you.

26. Stop questioning your worth.

27. You are deserving of love.

28. If someone else cannot see what a sensitive, loving girlfriend you would be, then they are a waste of your time anyway.

29. You do not need someone who does not need you.

30. Almost is not good enough.

31. It is better to stay single than to be mistreated by someone you love.

32. He might treat you like a princess on some days, but do not forget about the bad days.

33. Do not keep making excuses for him.

34. You should not be putting in a lot more effort than he puts in.

35. He should not be picking and choosing when to pay attention to you.

36. He should not be hiding you away in his apartment so no one knows about you.

37. He should not treat you more like a backup plan than like his number one priority.

38. It might be hard to remember this sometimes, but your almost boyfriend is not your boyfriend.

39. It doesn’t matter how much you like someone unless they like you back.

40. You are allowed to tell him you want more.

41. You don’t have to settle for an almost relationship.

42. You will find a real relationship one day.

43. Until then, you can feel perfectly happy and fulfilled while single.

44. He is not your universe.

45. Most of the time, almost relationships end in heartbreak.

46. You are not the first person who has had their heart shattered by someone you never dated.

47. You can still consider him an ex, even though you were never official.

48. You deserve someone who is excited about taking you home to his parents and showing you off to his friends.

49. You deserve someone who commits to you because you are the only one he wants.

50. You deserve so much more than an almost. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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