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Good News! I’m Done Hating You Now

Here’s a secret. Ever since that bond of trust was broken? I gotta tell you that I’ve hated your guts. I’ve hated you to the point that my number one fantasy was kidnapping you and shipping you to a remote island with no WiFi.

A Playlist Of Walking Songs

Everyone has their walking songs, I think. They’re the songs that put a groove in your step, the songs that make you feel like you’re in a motion picture feature starring you and your car-less, boring life.

Confidentiality Agreement For Bartenders

Bartender shall use the Confidential Information only to evaluate if Discloser is deserving of buy backs (“Sad and Pitiful”) or will likely need to be forcibly removed from the premises later in the evening (“I Saw This Coming When She Started Talking About Her Ovarian Cysts.”)

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