The Truth About The Girl Who Has Moved On

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The girl who has moved on is resilient. She spent months, if not years trying to forget you, trying not to want you again, trying to accept that things will never be the same and it took her a very long time to finally realize that you’re not the one for her. That she was wrong about you. That she loved you but you’re not meant to be her forever.

The girl who has moved on doesn’t come back. She had to learn how to heal her own heart. She had to learn not to miss someone who doesn’t miss her. She had to go to everything by herself because her plus one never showed up. She had to learn how to live without you and she’s not going to throw herself back into the fire. She’s never going to burn herself for anyone again.

The girl who has moved on doesn’t necessarily find someone else, she moves on with her life. She starts paying more attention to what she likes, what she’s passionate about, what makes her heart skip a beat. She starts working harder, traveling, falling in love with all the pieces you hated and rebuilding everything you destroyed.

The girl who has moved on learned how to play your game. She learned how to put herself first, how to be selfish with her feelings and protect her heart. She taught herself not to need anyone, she learned how to be for herself everything you couldn’t be. She learned how to survive without your love.

The girl who has moved on finally found herself. That girl is not going to lose herself loving you or take your rejection as a challenge. She’s not going to sit around and wait for you. She’s not going to fight for you to stay.

The girl who has moved on isn’t afraid to love again. She’s just more guarded. She’s more cautious. She looks for more than words. She doesn’t ignore the red flags. She wants to find real love and she’s willing to wait for it. She chooses to be single instead of being in the wrong relationship. She chooses to be alone instead of being in an almost relationship.

That girl learned how to leave. She learned how to walk away. She learned that breaking her own heart is better than handing it to someone who will keep breaking it. That girl now knows that there’s so much more to life than loving you. Her life doesn’t end with goodbye, it’s only beginning. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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