25 Little-Known Facts About Boy Meets World

22. Actress Dayna Price was a huge Boy Meets World fan and a frequent visitor to the set, so much so that the producers named a character after her. “Dana Pruitt” was played by Larissa Oleynik, famous for her role as Alex Mack on The Secret World of Alex Mack, which Price also acted in. Oleynik was an old friend of Rider Strong’s from acting in Les Mis in San Francisco, where she played the Cosette to Strong’s Gavroche. The two would appear together again in the short-lived Pepper Dennis, starring Rebecca Romjin.

23. Although Boy Meets World often dabbled in issue-of-the-week fare, the topics of three episodes are so risqué that the Disney Channel will not air them. “Promises, Promises,” “If You Can’t Be With the One You Love” and “The Truth About Honesty” all deal with underage drinking and premarital sex, which are not quite G-rated enough for the channel’s demographic.



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