25 Little-Known Facts About Boy Meets World

19. Although Topanga starts out the show as a staunch vegetarian, she apparently gives it up by the end of the series. In the show’s penultimate episode, Topanga helps herself to a slice of pepperoni pizza.

20. Like the That 70s Show kids (who were in high school for five years), Cory, Topanga and Shawn attend school on an alternative timeline. The show skips the 8th and 11th grades, possibly to accommodate the aging of its characters. When the show started, Ben Savage (who plays Cory) was two years older than his character, which became more apparent as the show progresses. However, when its seventh season wrapped, Savage and Cory were both 18.

21. Most of the actors on Boy Meets World were around the same age as their characters, except for Trina McGee, who played Angela. Although Angela is supposed to be about the same age as Cory, Topanga and Shawn, Trina McGee was twelve years older than Danielle Fishel and ten years separated from Rider Strong. McGee just turned 42, a scant three years younger than Stacey Dash, who played Dionne in Clueless at 28. Remember that 30 Rock episode about white people not being able to tell black peoples’ ages? Point proven, Tina Fey. (Bonus: Check out the pictures on Trina McGee’s IMDB page. You’re welcome.)



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