20 Facts About 826 North Rampart Street, The House In New Orleans That Will Give You Nightmares

826 N. Rampart Street in New Orleans may seem like a normal home for someone. It may seem like just an ordinary house. There’s nothing particularly special about it, other than the boarded up windows, the closed doors, and the fact that it’s called the Murder House of New Orleans. There’s that- that’s a pretty big factor in things.

It’s called the Murder House… because it’s where Addie Hall took her last breath. It’s where Addie Hall was violently murdered and where Zack Bowen seems to have lost everything. His heart, his soul and especially, his mind. It’s where Zack looked down at Addie while she desperately gasped for air and watched the light go out of her eyes. He watched her take her last breath and then just walked away. If only that were the case.

1. Zack chopped Addie up into small pieces. Her head was found in a pot on the stove. Her hands and feet were found in another. Her legs were found in a pan in the oven. Her torso? In the fridge.

2. Rumors say that Zack committed necrophilia several times after he snuffed out Addie’s last breath. The police reports say differently, but sometimes rumors fly a lot faster than police reports.

3. There are also rumors stating that the parts of her legs in the oven had been picked at, almost like pulling ham from a bone and there were chunks of her missing from it. Some of the rumors say that her legs were even seasoned – as if being prepared to eat.

4. Zack and Addie didn’t have a stable relationship. Some reported them as a happy couple, others reported that their fighting was out of control, that they would be arguing constantly and they would “break up” just to get back together soon.

5. After moving into 826 N. Rampart Street, Addie stopped showing up for her bartending job as much as she used to, and Zack was beginning to get heavily into drugs – he also stopped going to work. It was said that his PTSD from being a veteran caused him to have these erratic behaviors.

6. Zack never seemed like the type to do this. He seemed like an all American man, nothing memorable, but not boring, not a monster. He proved himself a monster after jumping off of the roof of a hotel onto the parking garage roof.

7. Attached to Zack’s corpse was a bag with a key and a note. The address to their house was on the note, he said that he had to take his own life to make up for the life that he had taken. When the police went to the house- that’s where they found Addie.

8. On the wall in spray paint, Zack painted his estranged wife’s phone number saying that he loved her and he was a fuck up. He gave her phone number so that they could report to her what happened, what he did, that he was dead now.

9. This was a man that had originally had a wife ten years his senior. He joined the military to be able to support his wife and two children. When he came back they were quickly separated and that’s when he met Addie.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nd-91Klsk6c%5D

10. Zack and Addie had a cute love story at first – they met at the bar, and they would exchange love notes with each other, they would visit each other at work. It’s a little ironic that what started with a note would end with a note.

11. Addie had gone to their landlord days before and asked about having Zack removed from the house. She said they had broken up and she wanted him out. She didn’t seem to be too terribly afraid of him so their landlord told her to try to work it out with him.

12. 826 N. Rampart Street was above a Voodoo Spiritual Temple. The owner of the temple was, and is still held in high regard by the people of New Orleans, they don’t believe that an evil spirit had anything to do with the deterioration of Zack’s mentality.

13. Zack and Addie bonded by both staying in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. This got them a lot of publicity – Addie was known to bare her breasts at police officers, but she and Zack were both known for making amazing cocktails for the people of New Orleans during the storm. After coming out alive, it seemed that their relationship was stronger than ever.

14. Zack made several comments to his friends about no longer wanting to be with Addie and getting rid of her, but he stayed in the relationship – clearly longer than he should have.

15. The suicide note was multiple pages long and it gave instructions on where to find all the pieces of Addie – they were all accurate and all the pieces of her were found throughout the apartment.

16. It took police weeks to verify that the remains were of Addie, some rumors saying it was because her body was so charred that it was unidentifiable, other sources saying that this was not the case- that her body was just cooked as if he had planned to eat it.

17. There is no real way to say what his plans for her body were. There are no real ideas as that was something that was never stated in the suicide note. The rumors alone gave him a reputation as The Katrina Cannibal.

18. Zack burnt himself 28 times with a cigarette saying that it was to mark his 28 years of life as a failure. There were other marks on the corpse as well. It was shown on surveillance camera that he paced back and forth nervously for quite some time before taking his final leap.

19. People report seeing ghostly figures around 826 N. Rampart Street. They say that they feel as though they’re being watched and that they hear whispers, and feel a dark force surrounding the residence.

20. 826 N. Rampart Street was featured on Paranormal Lockdown. There were spirits heard through the tracks saying “Please don’t hurt her.” They think that it was referring to Addie.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OGqoJkNxIpU%5D

These alone are enough reason to make me want to avoid going on Rampart street itself, let alone to the home of 826 North Rampart Street in New Orleans. There is something not right about that home, and the spiritual energy there seems to be causing it. Dark forces are something that are never to be reckoned with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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