25 Little-Known Facts About Boy Meets World

3. Shawn also has a mysteriously disappearing half-brother, Eddie, who appears in the third season episode “The Pink Flamingo Kid.” After showing up to steal a bunch of stuff and remind Shawn he’ll never be better than the trailer park, he’s gone by the next episode. However, he reappears in the fifth season with a new name, Jack. Maury Sterling (who played Eddie) would be replaced with 90s girl panty-dropper Matthew Lawrence, which is a huge upgrade. I ain’t even mad at you Eddie/Jack.

4. One more: Because kids keep going missing all over that Boy Meets World universe, Topanga also has a mysterious phantom sibling named Nebula, which proves her parents are fabulous child namers. However, Nebula will only appear in one episode and is never brought up again. (Maybe she went off to be Zenon’s best friend? Who knows.) However, actress Krystee Clark, who played Nebula, will appear again in Season 2 as “Valerie.”



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