25 Little-Known Facts About Boy Meets World

7. In the last season, Cory’s name will eventually be revealed as Cornelius. Cory “jokes” that he and Topanga will be keeping the awesome name train alive if they have children. They will name them Chewbacca and Plankton Matthews, which have a nice ring to them, if you ask me.

8. If Cory and Topanga are reuniting for the new series, they might want to get straight how they met. Throughout the show, the two reference their initial pre-teen Meet Cute, which varies in event and age depending on the retelling. At one point in his sophomore year, he says they’ve been dating for sixteen years, which is impossible and gross to contemplate. Although many see this as a continuity error, I think it’s an obvious embellishment and a cute reminder that they’ve basically known each other forever at this point.

9. In more cases of Cory Matthews’ exaggeration/selective memory, Cory claims that he’s had Mr. Feeny as a teacher since the first grade. This is impossible: his first year with Feeny was the first year of the series, when he was in sixth grade.



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