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26 Mistakes You’re Still Allowed To Make At 26

1. Thinking that you have to do literally everything on your own in order to be an adult. Refusing to ask for any advice or help, even though you desperately need it, because you don’t want to appear weak or immature or irresponsible.

2. Continuing to work a job you absolutely hate because it’s comfortable, rather than making proactive moves to leave it for something that’s a better fit.

3. Drinking wayyyyyy too much coffee because you think it will help you be productive.

4. Treating yourself to something when you can’t exactly afford it (within reason, of course).

5. Drunk texting your crush.

6. Truly believing you should have it all figured out by now.

7. Dating an asshole just for the hell of it, rather than pursuing someone who you would actually have a future with.

8. Getting a little too drunk and making a questionable decision as a result.

9. Trying way too fucking hard to impress people who you probably won’t talk to in the next five years because you perceive them to be much cooler, better, and more successful than you.

10. Chasing someone because they’re completely and utterly unavailable rather than being actually into them.

11. Not setting boundaries or asking for what you need from your family, friends, or romantic interests because you’re afraid of appearing “unchill.”

12. Thinking that “chill” is the best thing you can be, rather than the feeling and emotional being you truly are.

13. Staying in touch with people from your past because of a feeling of obligation rather than sincere interest in maintaining those relationships.

14. Never taking a damn risk.

15. Coming on a little too strong when you find someone you’re really, really into, consequently pushing them away.

16. Reading wayyyyyy too much into someone’s text that is totally innocuous but coming to a chilling conclusion of what their “Okay!” means anyway.

17. Forgetting to love yourself because someone else doesn’t.

18. Feeling the pressure to settle down because your friends are starting to, rather than abiding by what you want out of your life.

19. Never unplugging from work because you’re so afraid of messing up that you forget to live your life outside of the office.

20. Not treating your body with the respect it deserves.

21. Trying to spur change from a place of self-hatred rather than looking at it as an opportunity for growth.

22. Being too afraid to ask for the raise you know you damn well deserve.

23. Buying into the idea that everything you see on Instagram is an accurate portrayal of someone’s life, rather than just the highlights and what they want you to see.

24. Believing in someone who doesn’t deserve your faith.

25. Considering chicken nuggets to be a legitimate food group.

26. Assuming it’s too late to begin again; no matter how old you are, you can always start again. Give yourself the chance to. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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