Read This If You Are Going Through A Heartbreak During Quarantine

Heartbreaks are emotionally traumatic, and it could feel like the end of the world.

Normally, there are a lot of coping methods at your disposal after a breakup, but being heartbroken amid the COVID-19 pandemic makes a heartbreak that much harder, especially since it does feel like it is the end of the world. Due to social distancing, breaking up during quarantine opens up a whole new level of heartbreak because you are confined in the four walls of your house and you have a lot of time available to sit at home and wallow in your feelings.

Whether the breakup was a long time coming or unexpected, the heartbreak that follows brings a debilitating amount of pain. You will have moments of intense sadness, and there’s no distraction from it. However, there is a silver lining to breaking up during quarantine. Yes, you read that right. What a lot of people do after a breakup is try to meet someone new quickly. By rebounding, you’re just slapping a Band-Aid on an open wound. You are hurt and can’t date right now, but sitting with your pain and letting yourself grieve instead of rebounding will help you heal faster.

Mourning the loss of someone you love is part of the healing process. The moments of intense loneliness are unavoidable. On days when you miss your ex, just keep in mind that if they were supposed to be a part of your life, they would still be there. This pandemic put a lot of relationships to the test, and if your relationship failed, then the relationship was not meant to last anyway; the fact that it ended meant that is the way that it was supposed to be. These crazy times made relationships end that could have taken longer to end under normal circumstances.

This ending shattered your heart, but this breakup unfolded perfectly for you, because every completed relationship is a step closer to find the love that is worthy of you. The truth is that every partner that you have isn’t supposed to be the one; dating is an incremental process that we must go through to move closer towards our dream relationship.

Love is a series of journeys in which you don’t know the destination. You don’t know what turns you will have to take and you don’t have control over how every journey will end. Every relationship is a journey—some are shorter than others, some are bumpier, but every end will lead you to the relationship that will be the end of the road.

This pandemic made the world stop, and going through a heartbreak alone could feel unbearable, but instead of dwelling on the past, use all the free time to work on yourself. Use all your free time to remove all the negativity from your life and shape a new future for yourself. Use this time to heal and re-enter society with a new perspective.

Heartbreaks are painful, but they also help us grow and expand.

I know that you are in pain right now, but if you can survive a global pandemic, you can surely survive a heartbreak.

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Mitzi J Hernandez

A writer writing love, life and her cancer journey.💚