25 Not-So-Fun Parts Of Sex That No One Ever Talks About

25 Not-So-Fun Parts Of Sex That No One Ever Talks About

Answers found on Ask Reddit

1. “When you’re always the person to initiate sex, it gets pretty exhausting sometimes.”

2. “How to deal with a sexual partner with low self esteem. No matter how hard you try you cant make them feel sexy, then you call into question your own worth as a partner. Is it my fault? What am I doing wrong?”

3.Fishing out the pube from your mouth after going down on someone.”


5.Dealing with birth control pill side effects.”

6.The fart noises that your bodies make when you’re doing it.”

7.After doing it with a condom on, the fucking auto-zone smell.”

8.Having to push pets away that wont get off the bed and just sit there staring at you.”

9. “If you’re like me, you sweat fairly easily, so being on top means I’m dripping off my face and usually it landing in or around my girlfriend’s eyes and mouth.”

10. “‘I’m late.’ ‘For what?’ ‘I’m late.’

11.When the other person isn’t into it/in the mood but doesn’t just say it.”

12.Taking a little too long to finish and then feeling embarrassed and the more you think about it the harder it is.”

13.The shame of getting tired out before you have cum.”

14. “Not being able to cum because you really have to fart.”

15. “Farting mid-cum. Shit is so embarrassing.”

16.Trying to gracefully avoid touching other bodily areas with the butt finger.”

17.Getting fingered by someone who did not cut their fingernails.”

18.Hitting the cervix is a special kind of hell. A stabby feeling that’s deeply unsexy.”

19.The waddle to the bathroom afterwards with one hand cupped over your vag.”

20.The cold wet spot on the bed.”

21. “The amount of pain when she’s not wet.”

22.The uncomfortable positions that you have to be like ‘ok stop I gotta move, this hurts.'”

23.Lying there waiting for your other half to come with the tissues.”

24. “The phenomenon is called ‘arousal non-concordance.’ Basically, any situation in which your body isn’t responding the way you feel (e.g. cant get hard/wet even though you’re turned on, can’t orgasm even though the sex is going great, etc.)”

25. “Shower sex actually kinda sucks. water is not lube, nowhere is comfortable, hot water runs out.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark