20 People Talk About The Scariest Serial Killer Of All Time


“BTK, Dennis Rader. This is mostly biased because I read John Douglas’ book about him, with all the excruciating details of his crimes.

Sample: During a home invasion, he tied up the hands and feet of the mother, father, and brother who was around 9 yrs old. One by one, he then duct-taped a plastic bag over their heads. The young daughter was forced to sit on his lap and watch as they suffocated.

Finally, he took the daughter to the basement, put a noose around her neck and looped it around a pipe so the other end was free. He could then sit in a chair and periodically choke her until near death, loosening the rope intermittently to keep her alive. And, of course, he ejaculated on her after killing her. I would say he should get a taste of his own medicine, but he actually got off on doing this stuff to himself too.” — BaconNAvocado

Richard Ramirez

“The Night Stalker was downright terrifying because he didn’t really have a set target, didn’t have a real reason to do it, would target basically anyone and everyone.

Hell the only reason the caught him was because of a specific shoe that was only sold to like 20 people and only 2 people in his area.” — Culvey60

Toy Box Killer

“Toy box killer by far.

He would tie up his victims in a metal chair, force them to watch a video telling them what he is gonna do to them and introducing the dogs that were gonna violate them.

His van had a number of torture devices for both sexual exploitation and pain intensive purposes.

He is suspected to have had more than 60 victims mostly younger women and some teens.” — Illya-Pounder

The Golden State Killer

“Apparently he’d climb up to the bedroom window outside and watch you until you saw him.” — cpierGC

The Good Doctor

“Harold Shipman immediately springs to mind. He was a doctor in the UK estimated to have killed over 200 people. Frankly, he makes most serial killers look like rookies.” — Ribos1

Israel Keyes

“What he did to his victims plus the fact that he was so basic and ‘normal’, kept a job and long term relationships while killing people for 12+ years. He used hair and clothes from his victims as disguises for future crimes. He also partially thawed a frozen victim and posed her for a ‘proof of life’ photo after she had been dead in his shed for two weeks while he was on a cruise with his family.” — m00ncake13

Fred and Rose West

“His interview was the most disturbing thing I ever heard, the way he describes Rose sawing off her daughters head with the breadknife like he was talking about a car he saw on a walk was just chilling.” — Realistic_Truck

Jeffrey Dahmer

“Seeing the pictures he took himself of his victims’ bodies in the process of dismemberment was scarring. Easily the worst thing I’ve ever seen on the internet. This is what I imagine Satan’s porno collection would look like.” — Electronic-Bear-1721

Ed Kemper

“By pure size, Edmund Kemper should be up there. 6’9” and he’d often decapitate people and then have sex with their heads. His own mother included.

After he was arrested, he was very open about everything he did and often did interviews with the FBI. He was the killer who practically spawned the BAU with John Douglas. You can listen to his interviews on the Sword and Scale episode 92. It’s freaky.” — Throw_away91251952

Richard Chase

“He was clinically insane to the point where he was feared by the staff of the asylum and called Dracula. When he was released (?!) his mother decided to 1) take him off the meds he needed to be at all stable 2) cast out of the family home and sent to live alone in an apartment still without the medication and supervision that he desperately needed.

He believed his blood was turning to powder and that the bones of his skull were shifting around. I cannot imagine how terrifying that must be. He was found covered in blood out in the desert and released by the cops when they found out it was cows blood. He made smoothies with Coca-Cola and whole rabbits.

After he was caught he was interviewed by a detective. During the interview Chase pulled out a fistful of macaroni from his pocket and asked that it be “tested”

He is guilty as sin but good lord, what kind of a life is that? So yes, guilty, but a whole host of others share some of that responsibility.” — ChildofMike

Keith Hunter Jesperson

“Not so much just him, but the idea that he was an over the road trucker. The FBI had a map/diagram with over 500 locations of dead bodies that are believed to be from trucker serial killers. It’s the perfect job for one. You pick up a girl at a truck stop, get her in the sleeper, do your thing, park somewhere in another state and dump the body. Jesperson actually tied a woman face down under his truck and drove a number of miles to “erase” her identity.” — Truckngirl63

Dnepropetrovsk Maniacs

“I wish I could erase my memory of their video 3 guys 1 hammer. Truly horrific.” — Oh_ya_sure

Albert Fish

“His most known murder was when he kidnapped a child from right under the parents noses and a few weeks later wrote the parents a letter describing how he killed her and cannibalised her.” — ragequit17

Jack the Ripper

“Mainly because of the disturbing brutality of his crime scenes and the fact that he was never identified.” — NawfSideNative

John Wayne Gacy

Although he wasn’t the most brutal or cruel what is impressive is how well he used society and politics to get away with his crimes.

Gacy got the attention of the law well before the investigation that put him away. But the survivors where homosexual men which due to the stigma at the time meant the police weren’t in any real hurry to catch him.

Politically Gacy was known in local political circles and actually had the ear of lots of the elite. He absolutely used that to his advantage and likely used some of that leverage to make certain complications disappear.

The only reason Gacy was caught was because the investigation was the disappearance of a young man that worked for Gacy. He simply didn’t have enough distance or social pull to brush it off like before.

Theoretically the law if it had been applied equally and evenly Gacy would have been put back in jail for assault and rape. He could have been discovered much sooner but the society he lived in let him hurt people out of apathy and spite and people died because of that mistake. It’s the kind of mistake that society’s continue to make and I have no doubt there are others like Gacy who use the same kind of protections to kill and maim those without power in society to this day.” — LizardWizard444

Dean Corll

“The Candy Man of the Houston Mass Murders. He “hired” two teens to go out in to the community and lure other teens back to his apartment, get them drunk and/or high on weed, so he could rape/torture them to death. It was the most shocking account I’d ever read when I unfortunately found that Wikipedia page after trying to jog my memory about that Angelina Jolie movie “Changeling”. Woof. Don’t read it if you ever want to feel safe sending your teenage son out into the world again. I had to give mine the lowdown and a big parenting talk after learning about this.” — IAmEggnogstic

Robert Pickton

“Robert Pickton was pretty awful. Some of his victims probably ended up processed and mixed with sausage and sold.” — scottwax

Pedro Lopez

“Pedro Lopez of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Dude served only 22 years for the murder of 110-300+ girls. After luring girls and killing them, he’d keep the bodies to have sex with and talk to until they decomposed. When he was arrested in 1980, the maximum prison sentence was 22 years. He was released from prison early in 1994, due to him being a madman, but was released from a mental hospital in 1998. In 2002, he was connected to another murder. And to this day, no one knows where he is.” — West-Emu-8696


“The ones who we never know existed because they’re so good at it.” — MichiganGeezer

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