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100+ Biblical Names That Still Hold Up Today

These Biblical names are perfect for couples who want to give their baby a traditional — and sometimes untraditional — name that reflects their beliefs and upbringings. Every child deserves to be born with a name that reflects their spirit, and nothing is quite as heavenly as the ones found in the Bible.

Aaron — enlightened

Abel — breath; vanity

Abigail — “The father’s joy”

Abraham — father of a multitude

Ada — happy

Adam — red earth

Ahlai — beseeching

Andrew — strong, manly

Angel — messenger

Anna — gracious

Apphia — productive

Asher — happy, blessed

Atarah — crown

Athaliah — “Yahweh is exalted”

Barak — lightning

Barnabas — son of prophesy

Bartholomew — hill

Bathsheba — daughter of the oath

Benjamin — son of the south

Candace — glowing

Chloe — blooming

Claudia — lame

Damaris — sweet heifer

Dan — God is my judge

Deborah — a bee

Delilah — delicate

Diana — divine

Dinah — vindicated

Elijah — “Yahweh is God”

Elizabeth — “consecrated to God”

Elon — oak tree

Ephraim — very fruitful

Esther — star

Eunice — good or noble victory

Eve — life

Ezekiel — strength of God

Gabriel — a hero of God

Gad — juniper tree

Gideon — great warrier

Hagar — flight

Hannah — grace of God

Hillel — praise

Hiram — noble

Huldah — weasel, sweet

Immanuel — God is with us

Isaac — “he will laugh”

Ishmael — the Lord listens

Israel — may god reign

Jabin — the wise

Jacob — supplanter

James — supplanter

Jared — one who rules

Jedidah — well beloved

Jesse — gift

Jesus — God will help

Jethro — outstanding

Jezebel — follower of idols

Joanna — God is gracious

Joel — the Lord is willing

John — God is gracious

Joseph — God shall add (another son)

Joshua — lord is salvation

Josiah — fire of the Lord

Judah — praised

Judith — admired

Julia — downy-haired, youthful

Leah — weary

Levi — joined in harmony

Lois — battle maiden

Lucas — light-giving, illumination

Luke — light-giving

Lydia — beauty

Mark — warlike

Martha — lady

Mary — bitter

Matthew — gift from God

Meshach — “Who is what Aku is?”

Micah — “Who is like God?”

Michaiah — poor, humble

Milcah — queen

Miriam — longed-for child

Moses — drawn from the water

Naarah — young person

Naomi — sweet, pleasant

Noah — rest, comfort

Paul — small

Peter — a rock

Phebe — bright

Philip — lover of horses

Priscilla — of ancient time

Rachel — an ewe

Rebecca — tied

Reuben — behold – a son

Rufus — red, ruddy

Ruth — companion, friend

Salome — peace

Samson — like the sun

Sapphira — sapphire

Sarai — princess

Saul — longed for

Seth — appointed one

Silas — wood

Simon — he who hears

Solomon — peaceable

Stephen — crown

Susanna — lily

Tabitha — gazelle

Tamar — palm tree

Thaddeus — gift of God

Thomas — a twin

Timothy — honoring God

Tirza — delight

Vashti — beautiful

Zacharias — God remembers

Zilpah — uncertain TC mark

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