7 Terrifying True Tales Of The Paranormal

2. The Grim Reaper in the Nursing Home

I worked in a nursing home as an aide in a hospice unit. One night I had three patients trying to die and my job was to ensure that they were comfortable. The girls that worked the floor with me at night were awesome. We would always try to make each other laugh and get through the night as best as we could. I was known for scaring girls. Sometimes I’d hide in the closet of a room where someone had recently died (their body and belongings long gone in the empty room) and I’d press the call light and wait. The girls would come in and hastily shut it off but I’d always jump out and scare the shit out of them.

One night I was in the nurses’ station filling out a report since I had to give a patient some narcotics when an aide rushed in. She swore that she thought she saw my shadow on the wall as if I were hiding trying to scare her, but then she heard me laugh in the nurses’ station. I decided to check it out since there wasn’t supposed to be anyone on our floor. As I walked over to the wall I stood where the light would have created my shadow and there was nothing. I laughed it off until the Certified Nursing Assistant started shrieking and I turned around and a shadow seemingly rose up the wall from the ground out of nothing. I just stared at it and said, “Oh, for heavens sake, is that the best you’ve got?” and walked back to the nursing station.

A while later I had to do rounds. As I walked toward a patient’s room I heard three knocks on the door that led outside to the patio by their room and I saw an older gentleman dressed in all black. I couldn’t let him in because I didn’t have the access code so I told him to hold on a moment and I would get the nurse to let him in. When she and I returned to the door he was gone. She went outside and we couldn’t find him, so I continued to the patient’s room to check on him.

Blood everywhere and the patient is on the floor bleeding. He had tried to get up it appears and flopped around a bit in his blood trying to get up. The nurse lifted him back into the bed and we cleaned him up. There was nothing else we could do as he was DNR besides make sure he was comfortable. I went to my next patient’s room and bam…dead. He had stopped breathing. I rushed to get the nurse and pulled his file. DNR also. We call the morgue and his family while I clean his body with an aide. I go to check on the patient that fell (vitals every 15 minutes for non witnessed fall) and he’s dead. I’m get the nurse; she’s frustrated because this takes two aides off her floor to care for the deceased and lots of paperwork for her. As I’m walking down the hall for linens I see the old man I originally saw outside walking past the nurses station and he whispered, “One more, and then I’m done for the night, just one more.” I jumped up because his whisper was so eerie and I run to the direction he was going. A patient’s room door slammed shut and when I ran in she looked directly at me and took her last breath and died, her eyes still staring directly at me. For some reason I remember her window being open and how odd it was. I ran to the window and didn’t see anything and slammed it shut, checked the woman for a pulse, and found nothing.

The nurse had followed me and saw exactly what I saw and heard the voice whisper as I did. She was coming around he corner and swore she saw the man and then me jump up and run after him and, like me, saw the patient’s room door slam shit before I could get in there. When I had turned around I saw the nurse standing in the door way and she could only say, “I fucking saw it too oh my god I fucking saw it too.”

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