7 Terrifying True Tales Of The Paranormal

7. The Lady of the Lake

We were on a midnight hike on an uninhabited island in Lake Michigan that you can only ferry to, no residents, but there are a few abandoned farms from the 1800s and a one-room schoolhouse deep in the middle of the island. We were hiking to the graveyard so the night was already steeped in superstition and ghost stories. It was so dark out that without the flashlights it was no different if your eyes were closed or open, and we were walking the mile and a half to the graveyard without our flashlights. Only way to navigate was to feel with your feet for the edges of the trail, but it was navigable that way, and spooky and fun. Saw some weird green glow off the trail and we all went to check it out. Turns out it was some green glowing fungus, easy to see without the lights but you’d never see it otherwise, and we smeared some on a stick and used it as a mock torch. The rangers didn’t believe us when we asked them later. Next we stopped by the schoolhouse so my wife could use the outhouse there and I wandered a bit ahead of the group, fumbling along the trail in the pitch black so I wouldn’t get light-blind while she used her light. Then I saw a figure that looked like a lady in a white dress about 10 yards up the trail coming toward me, but not walking, just coming closer, hate to say it but floating. I called out hello and asked if she was lost, really thinking someone was there, just wanting to help. Then the figure evaporated and I got super freaked-out. Called out to the group and one of the guys said it must have been the Lady of the Lake. I don’t believe in ghosts, period, but that happened. There’s no getting around it. Then on our way back to the boat ferry the next day to go home we stopped and checked out the island museum and no shit there was a class picture of kids at the schoolhouse from around 1890 and the teacher was a lady in a white dress that died on the island and is sometimes called the Lady of the Lake. I can’t really process this in any other way than a real, true ghost story. I still get goose bumps. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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