7 Terrifying True Tales Of The Paranormal

5. Eating Ghost Food in a Diner Filled with Vampires

We used to own a racetrack in Ohio years ago, but we lived in southeast PA. You had to take the turnpike to get there in any reasonable amount of time, and one of the times my mother, my sister, and I were together to go meet my stepdad who was driving separately with a trailer to haul equipment.

We got off at an exit after paying a toll, and go off into a strip mall with a bunch of rinky-dink looking buildings. Not dirty, just faded pastel colors, didn’t even look like there was a town nearby. They had a diner, though, and we hadn’t eaten since we left four hours before, so we stopped in.

The food sucked, and was completely tasteless. People stared at us the whole time. It wasn’t dark like a cave, just not a ton of windows. There were some, enough for ambient light. Like a Denny’s if the power went out, that sort of thing. And an unreasonable number of people, we noticed, had bandages on them. The only person who said a word to us was the girl who took our order, who also rang us up at the end….

A couple hours later we get to the track and my stepdad asks how everything went.… He tells us he thinks we ate ghost food and that the people in the diner were vampires….

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