7 Terrifying True Tales Of The Paranormal

6. The Blood-Covered Creature in the Middle of the Road

This is going to sound crazy but here we go. Flashback: ’07 sophomore year—our school was in the small community of Stockton so everyone knew everything about each other unless you were a recluse but that was not the case for our high school. During the beautiful nighttime of spring a fellow junior had crashed on the road between Stockton and Greenfield and died on impact. The investigators or whoever said she had over corrected her turn and smashed into a tree. She was very well known around the community so her passing happened to be one of those tragedies that everyone felt. A year or two later my friend’s girlfriend and a couple of her friends who lived in Greenfield happened to be driving out to visit in Stockton during the late night. (This is when shit gets weird.) They were coming up on a sharp corner right around where our classmate had died. Everything was perfect until they all saw this red human-like creature with antlers or horns, its body was covered in blood and was just sitting in the middle of the road cross-legged with its head bowing down when it suddenly looked up and stared at them with white piercing eyes. They all screamed and swerved around the creature. This almost ran them off the road while going about 35-45 MPH. All three girls started to freak out and cry right away and that’s when she called my friend Dave and was uncontrollably stuttering from fear while her friends were all crying and freaking out in the background.

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