11 Things Strong Women Never Do

Hannah Busing

1. They don’t throw pity parties for themselves.

If someone in their life burns them or betrays them, strong women aren’t going to feel sorry for themselves. They are going to pick themselves back up and move on with their lives. Strong women aren’t going to let one person ruin their self-esteem and confidence.

2. They don’t stay silent when they make mistakes.

Strong women fess up to their mistakes and fuck ups. They will never blame it on another person or coworker, because their guilt would overwhelm them. As hard as it is to let their friends or employer of a certain mistake, they are always, always honest.

3. They don’t let men intimidate them.

Strong women never ever let men tell them what or what not to do. They will wear what they want to wear and will do as the please. Women were not put on this earth to follow every direction from power hungry men.

4. They never settle for half-assed love.

Strong women will wait for their forever person. They won’t jump into relationship after relationship just to have someone standing by their side. They will be patient when it comes to love and have faith that when it’s the right timing, someone will come along.

5. They never let people disrespect them.

If they are disrespected by anyone at all, they will speak up for themselves. They communicate with anyone who made rude comments or nasty remarks about them or other people, and they won’t tolerate this type of behavior whatsoever.

6. They don’t stay silent.

They are opinionated and speak their minds openly to anyone they meet. They know that their voice is powerful and special, and strong women will never let anyone silence them.

7. They don’t listen to societal expectations.

Strong women don’t give a fuck about what society wants from them. They don’t have to shave their legs. They don’t have to have kids or get married. They don’t have to wear makeup or have a first kiss by age 13. They will do what they want, not what society wants.

8. They aren’t quiet minded.

They are loud and outspoken and strong. They don’t let the fact that they are ‘women’ knock them down a peg. They speak their mind in their relationships, friendships, and in their careers because they know that they are worth something.

9. They don’t bring other successful women down.

Strong women would never dare to bring other women down. They don’t let jealousy get in the way and aspire to lift one another up as women, united.

10. They don’t apologize for every little thing.

They have learned to stop apologizing and saying sorry for every tiny thing. They have learned to stop apologizing when the waiter brings them the wrong order or when the barista makes them the wrong drink.

11. They don’t dress up or down for anyone but themselves.

They dress up for themselves, not for men or for anyone else. Strong women want to look their best because it makes them feel good. It isn’t for anyone else. It’s for their happiness and joy. Clothing is an art form, not a runway show for people to whistle at. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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