One Day You Will Meet Someone Who Will Change Your Life For Good


One day you are going to meet someone in your life, that is going to change everything. They are going to change the way you think about the world, the way you view yourself, and the way you look at everyone else around you.

This person could be a stranger you meet on the way to another destination. It could be someone you meet at a bus stop, or at a restaurant standing in line behind them. You could meet this person in another country, or at another city that you are just visiting for the weekend.

It doesn’t matter where it happens. It doesn’t matter how it happens. But, one day it will

It might be a small conversation, a chat about the weather that leads to a chat about life and death. It might be a tiny moment, a lingering thought and gaze that hits you like cold water on a burning hot day. It might be a subtle glimmer of hope, that will turn a rainy day into a April sundress day. It might be a small speckle of words, that will lead into a masterpiece of sonnets and poems.

You may never see this person again. You may never have a conversation like that ever again. You may have to keep the memory of this person burning bright in your mind when times get dark. You may have to keep this person’s image embedded in every cell and atom in your being.

But one thing is for sure, you will be forever changed.

You don’t know what it was about this person. Maybe you were soulmates only meant to meet for a day, or maybe you were destined to end up together. Or maybe fate would rather you two be great friends.

But the way they smile at you, will make everything ok again. The way they speak to you, will make you realize how much a part of you has missed being truly looked at. The way they laugh at your casual conversation will make you want to see the world from a different light.

And this person, this perfect stranger, will make you want to be a better human being. This person, will suddenly awaken a light in you that has been shut off for so long. This stranger, will make you wake up from the world that you were missing out on. This stranger, will wake you up to the beauty inside of yourself.

Because the way this person will look at you, is like they have known you for forever. And the way this person will look at you, will tell you that you are worth everything that you want in this world. And this person, this stranger you met on the street or the bus stop, will finally make you want to look at yourself in the same exact way they look at you.

One day, you are going to meet someone who will change your life. Because in the way they smile and talk to you, you see all your potential in just one look. And in the way they speak to you with careful conversation, will make you realize that you are worth more than you ever gave yourself credit for.

One day you will meet someone who will re-introduce you to yourself. And when that happens, don’t you ever throw away that feeling of awe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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