11 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Old Soul

Slava Bowman
Slava Bowman

1. You spend a ton of time alone.

You love reflecting on life in your free time. There’s a certain wiseness you have beyond your years and you enjoy thinking about anything and everything by yourself.

2. You don’t have a lot of material things.

You don’t understand a lot of technology that people are obsessed with nowadays. Sure, you have your phone and laptop, but anything beyond that seems highly unnecessary to you.

3. You have super intense relationships.

You are an all or nothing kind of person. All the relationships you have are filled with passion and deep and powerful love. You love incredibly hard and it takes you a really long time to get over your exes.

4. You get called ‘sensitive’ a lot.

Because you tend to feel a lot all at once, people mistake it for overreacting. But, you genuinely care so much about others, that seeing anyone in harm or in pain tears at your heartstrings.

5. You feel too deeply sometimes.

Your heart is incredibly strong, but sometimes your emotions can become too powerful. If you see someone suffering that pain can weigh you down, and when you are hurting, it can feel like every inch of you is breaking.

6. You believe in soulmates.

You completely believe in soulmates. Love to you is not a game, and casual dating is out of the question for someone like you. You know that casual hook ups and meaningless sex wouldn’t give you any pleasure.

7. You don’t give in to peer pressure.

You have never been one to follow what other people are doing, and you definitely don’t care what others think about you. You never felt the need to get the approval from others just to get a few minutes of popularity.

8. You don’t understand many of your peers.

You feel a little out of place whenever you are with people the same age as you. You don’t find that you have a lot in common with most people. It takes a lot for you to make great friends because you have such high standards in regards to everything in your life.

9. You adore helping others and feel the need to fix people.

Because you are so wise and helpful, people tend to come to you for help. You love helping other people figure out their lives and guide them to a better and brighter future.

10. You have standards that are impeccably high.

Your standards, especially when it comes to dating, is through the roof. You won’t settle for just anyone and view your relationships incredibly seriously. You know that you deserve the best, and know that you are worth someone special.

11. You are the person your friends go to for advice.

Your friends know how deeply you feel and think about everything and they trust you the most on giving them great advice. You are who they come to with all of their problems because they know that you care so deeply for their well-being.

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or believing all the lies.
You reread every text.
You relive every memory.
And it all starts making sense —
he never wanted love.
He only wanted attention.
He only wanted validation.

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