10 Men Reveal The Brutal Truth About Why They Cheated On People They Loved

Shaun Menary / Lightstock
Shaun Menary / Lightstock

1. “This isn’t an excuse at all, but we were in a long distance relationship. I was really lonely one night and drank a bit more than I usually did. I woke up in some random girl’s bed the next morning.”  — Rick, 25

2. “We hadn’t had sex for at least six months.”  — Nate, 23

3. “I was falling out of love with my girlfriend and I knew we weren’t going to last very long. I know it was a dick move but, I thought, why not just take the lead in the breakup.”  — Paul, 29

4. “It didn’t mean anything. I know everyone says that, but this random girl at the bar started eyeing me up and down. I bought her a drink. And she wanted me. I had never felt so special in my whole life.”  —  Tim, 21

5. “I was successful. I had a big ego. I could get any girl I wanted. My girlfriend and I were in deep water after a fight and I went out that night with my buds who kind of egged me on to kiss one of the exotic dancers. Well, one thing lead to another and honestly? I don’t regret it.”  — Lucas, 33

6. “This girl and I had been talking for a while. I told her all about how my girlfriend was super controlling. She told me about her abusive relationship. I felt so connected to her that I didn’t even think about the cheating factor. We are happily married now. I don’t regret it because then we would never be together right now.”  — Sam, 35

7. “I had always wanted to have a really hot affair. When I met her, my world changed. She lit me up in a way my wife had never done. Do I partly regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? Yes.”  — Cody, 27

8. “It was just one kiss. She kissed me and I got caught up in the moment. But, it didn’t mean anything. It really didn’t. ”  — Brent, 24

9. “It had absolutely nothing to do with my significant other. She was wonderful and our sex life was great. It had everything to do with me. I was selfish. It helped my ego. That’s why I did it. And I will regret it everyday for the rest of my life.”  — Chris, 31

10. “Honestly? I don’t know. I guess I had low self esteem. I wanted to feel needed. I wanted to feel sexy. But, damn. I messed up a wonderful and beautiful relationship. And I hate myself for that.” — Nick, 22 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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