This Valentine’s Day, Be Mine

This Valentine’s Day, Be Mine

I always felt that I was undeserving of love. That for some reason, I didn’t deserve the love that others so freely were given. There was something fundamentally wrong with me. I’ve been through so many failed relationships and heartbreaks, that after a point, I gave up.

I stopped trying. I figured that if it were in the cards for me, it would happen. I gave up the hope I had for you. I always held out a part of me, hoping you would come along. But I lived my life as if you wouldn’t.

And now I have you. But you’re still not fully mine, are you? I wish that I felt confident enough to say you were. But we both know that’s not true, right? Because once again, I’ve learned that love is anything but easy.

I hope that this February 14th, you realize that, you too are worthy of love. That just because some things haven’t worked out for you, doesn’t mean that we won’t. I hope you recognize that things don’t always have to be perfect. And that you don’t have to conform to society’s standards. I hope this Valentines Day you open up your heart the way you want to. I hope you let go.

Valentine’s day is just another day. While it may be the one that everyone openly confesses his or her love to one another, it’s the other 364 days a year that matter. I want you to know that. I care about you not just this day, but also every other. I hope you learn it’s okay to let your heart down. You are my valentine, every day.

I don’t care about the chocolates. I don’t care about the cards. Fancy dinners never impressed me that much anyways. All I want is real. Authentic. Somebody that will stand with me on my best and worst days.

For you, I hope that you’re able to make your own choices. I hope you finally realize you are worthy and capable of love. Sometimes it takes time, but you need to recognize your worth. Things might seem confusing, or weird, but love is real. That you see what is in front of you.

I won’t force you to love me. I won’t force you to like me. But I see what’s between us, and I’m willing to put in the work. I hope you are too.

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