One Day You're Gonna Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home

One Day You’re Gonna Meet Someone Who Feels Like Home

One day you’re gonna meet someone who you don’t just want to spend the night with but who you look forward to waking up and sharing your morning with.

This person is different because there is gonna be one person that is able to break through the bullshit you sell to the world.

They look you in the eyes and know when you’re lying.

They look you in the eyes and know what you are thinking and feeling before you even say.

There’s a connection there you’ll never understand. But you’ll just be happy you met someone who can share in that.

And they’ll let you into their world, too.

You’ll talk about dreams and ambitions like you haven’t before. You’ll talk about disappointments and fears you didn’t even know of.

You talk about insecurities and mistakes and there before you is someone who doesn’t judge you for any of it.

There’s gonna be one person who breaks through every wall you have and you’re left with these raw emotions you didn’t even know you were capable of feeling.

And you’re gonna look at them knowing well they aren’t perfect. But regardless of that your flaws compliment each other in a way that it all makes sense.

You’ll realize one day you find yourself worrying when all you ever did in the past was worry about yourself.

You find yourself angry at the people who have done them wrong.

You find yourself feeling these things through another soul and while you can never take away their pain or the past its them you want in your future. When in the past all you ever thought about was your own future.

One day you realize if anything were to ever happen to them you’d be a mess.

You realize they matter.

You realize they always have.

You realize they always will.

You find yourself remembering every little detail. From the first time you met and the first words they said.

And it surprises you because we go through motions in life seeing so many faces and having so many interactions but somehow you remember every detail of this one.

And it’s something no one will understand. But the thing is they don’t have to understand it. They don’t have to accept it or like it.

Cause you have.

Then you muster the courage to say three words and don’t hold back because for the first time you’re looking at someone with complete confidence.

One day you’re gonna meet someone who simply feels like home. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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