Ranking The Myers-Briggs Personality Types By Who Loves The Most Unapologetically

Ranking The Myers-Briggs Personality Types By Who Loves The Most Unapologetically


Diplomat—Constantly Checking

ENFJs love honestly. They take relationships seriously and when they are in it, they are planning on staying for a while.

ENFJs are not one for hiding their emotions. They are definitely not the “play it cool” or “hard to get” type. They wear their heart on their sleeve and they are constantly showing their partner how much they care.

Even in the early stages of the relationships, ENFJs are constantly checking up on their partner. They are always asking them how they feel or if there is anything else they can do for them, and they truly mean this altruistically. ENFJs are always willing to do anything if it can make their partner happy. ENFJs are not about games; they always want to be on the same page.


Diplomat—Hopelessly Devoted

ENFPs are the daydream believers that truly think “love can conquer all.” ENFPs are all about feeling and less about actual thought. This goes back to the F for feeling, over T for thinking. ENFPs think about the outcome, not necessarily the consequences.

ENFPs believe in that fairy tale happy ending, but they do not always register with reality. ENFPs are the most likely to be in a long distance relationship. Remember ENFPs are all about fantasy over reality. This distance “made the heart grow fonder.” They are the most willing to hold onto love. ENFPs are not one to give up. It literally has to blow up in their face for them to give up on you.

ENFPs still and always will have that hope for their love.



ESFJs greatly value social validation more than any other personality type. They know a good compliment goes a long way. No other type is as supportive as an ESFJ. They stand very close to the status quo and traditions. ESFJ can be a bit old fashioned, but it is with good intention.

An ESFJ’s sense of self-worth is extremely important to them. They need constant attention, support, and validation. With that being said, it is most definitely not a one way street for ESFJ.

ESFJ always makes their partner feel like their best possible self. They almost worship their partner to an extent.

ESFJs are not one to hold onto to their pride. They show the whole world how proud they are of their partner every day. ESFJs are always Instagramming their boyfriend #mondaymancrush. They show off their love like a new Chanel bag, expensive but worth it #investment #qualityoverquantity.


Sentinel—Givers Not Takers

ISFJs are givers in every aspect of their life. They are always lending the extra hand and helping those in need. They need to be needed. ISFJs genuinely find it satisfying helping someone complete a task. They feel accomplished and proud by feeling helpful. Some people long to be desired—not ISFJ they long to feel needed not wanted.

ISFJ gives and gives, there is no limit to their generosity. However they must realize generosity does not make someone love you.

Being an introvert they are more reserved, however their reserved nature will not save them from heartbreak. The F for feeling over T for thinking still overrides their logic. While ISFJs are not the fools, rushing in type, when they have decided on their partner there is no telling what they are willing to do for them.

The feeling over thinking nature kicks in and they can get lost in heart over matter. Although this makes great emotional intelligence, there is a greater risk for heartbreak with the “feeling” type over the “thinking” type.


Sentinel—Pinky Promise

ISTJs are dependable by nature. Although they are more reserved( I for introversion over E for extroversion) when they do commit they love entirely.

ISTJs are not necessarily more selective because they are picky, moreso because they are shy. They simply feel more comfortable loving someone they know. Hence why ISTJs are more likely to date co-workers, schoolmates, or friends of friends.

Some people like the thrill and adventure of someone new. Whereas ISTJ is the complete opposite; they prefer the comfort in something they know.

ISTJs are very rationale. They are not the spur of the moment type. They believe in long-term goals and plans to make a relationship work. Although this may not seem like the most passionate relationship, it can definitely be a successful one. ISTJs may not always be about surprises, but they always keep their promises.<


Analyst—You Jump, I Jump Jack

ENTPs are strong on improvement. If you are not making them a better person, then you are simply not the person for them. ENTPs believe in growing together. If you have a goal, please share it with your ENTP partner. They not only want to help you achieve your goals, but they want to be a part of your process.

ENTPs are that best friend you take everywhere. They are the little black dress that goes with everything. They are your everyday bag that fits everything you need. ENTPs are your gym partner, your study buddy, your beer pong partner, your travel companion, your everything.

This “learning self-improvement” experience, not only helps your self-growth, but it solidifies your relationship. That process, that experience, is now a part of “us”, not just a part of “you.” This is something you did together and it strengthens your bond.



INFJ is not seeking for someone to simply pass the time with. They want something much more than companionship. They are only looking for someone who truly completes them. They are only interested in their soulmate.

INFJ is extremely picky, which is why they are not higher on the list, but when they finally find what they are searching for there is no limit to their love.

They love passionately and deeply. They do not just want a spark, they need a connection. INFJs are the furthest from fake. They can only love authentically.

They do not love often, but when they do you know it is genuine. They love with the their whole mind, body, and soul. Their partner is not only with them, but a part of them.


Explorer—Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

ESFPs are on the fast track for everything in their life, especially their relationships. ESFPs are the people you are referring to when you say “love at first sight”. That is how quickly an ESFP moves. They are not one to doubt themselves, they are not indecisive. They know what they want, when they want it, and they know when they do not want you anymore too.

ESFP can get over someone as quickly as they got under them. Although they are warm and very caring, they can turn cold in a blink of an eye.

ESFPs are very open to love, yet with their Explorer nature they are not easily tied down. Explorer types to tend to flee with the first sight of trouble. Although ESFP has the ability to fall in love unapologetically with their whole heart, who knows how long they will actually stay in love.


Diplomat—Prized Possession

People are not prizes. INFPs are known for being the “dreamer” type. Although INFP is more than a hopeless romantic. They do not fantasize about their perfect partner, they try to create their perfect partner.

They look for a partner like they are shopping with a checklist. They create a “dream boy” in their head, and they are left disappointed when the real thing does not fit the fantasy perfectly.

INFPs are known for their moral compass and high standards however, they are limiting themselves with options. INFPs are capable of loving freely, however they do give their love away easily.

Although they are worth the effort, their love should not always feel like a mountain to climb. It does not always have to be a challenge for it to be rewarding.

10. ISFP

Explorer—Always Running For The Thrill Of It

A listener, not a talker. ISFPs are quite mysterious and it can be difficult for them to open up. ISFPs are Explorers which mean they are a very “go with the flow” type. However they do not like being told what to do. ISFPs need to feel accepted for who they are.

In true Explorer nature ISFPs live in the present. They may not always make great long term partners, but for now they are a lot of fun.

When an ISFP is falling for you, the gloves come off. In public they can act more reserved because of the I for introversion vs. E for extroversion. But behind closed doors there is a beast ready to be unleashed.

ISFP never runs out of ideas, thus you will always be entertained with them. The adventure becomes a competition to the ISFP, each date must be more exciting than the last. They live for the rush and constant need for thrill.

Just be careful and hope the only thing they want is new activities and not a new partner.

11. INTP

Analyst—The Idea Man

INTP bless their kind heart. They have all these ideas about love and relationships, however they are weak with actually coming through. Being an idea man they are filled with wonderful crazy thoughts, however their timidness holds them back. Again this is the I for introversion verse E for Extroversion playing its role. Their ideas can be great, but in true Analyst nature they overanalyze everything to death. They tend to second guess themselves, leading to overthinking and psyching themselves out.

Analysts are thorough in absolutely everything they do. Yet, they must remember they can not plan out love! The more they try to force it, the less natural it is. INTPs are perfectionists and they want everything to be just perfect, but love is anything but perfect. Love is supposed to be messy, unpredictable, and it is supposed to scare you. If it doesn’t it isn’t really love, it is just comfort.

12. ESTJ

Sentinel—Better Safe Than Sorry

It is no secret that ESTJ likes to be in charge. Even in the beginning of the dating phase, they command strict rules. Most Sentinel personalities prefer long term partners and ESTJ takes that rule to heart. ESTJ have extremely high standards and are very picky. When they finally do find someone they like/deem as worthy, you better believe they are holding onto them.

ESTJs are not about wasting time or getting hurt. They like to feel comfortable and they like familiarity. Although ESTJ may not be the wild bunch like Explorers they do enjoy having fun and spontaneity with their partner. They just like having fun with the right people. ESTJs can still be dangerous, they just need be with someone who makes them feel safe.

13. ENTJ

Analyst—In It To Win It

ENTJ may have a fun-loving spontaneous attitude, but do not let them fool you. They are not “going with the flow”, they are extremely calculated. ENTJ is here to make you fall in love with them.

They will be exciting, adventurous, and at the same time they will make you feel committed and safe. They are everything you never knew you wanted, because you didn’t notice but ENTJ is molding to be your type.

ENTJs are very goal-oriented, they not only go for what they want, but their want becomes their obsession. Yet you would never know what they are up to, they play their cool to a tee. They are the master of manipulation. When something or someone becomes their project they must succeed. ENTJs are here to win, they are not here just for fun.

Like most Analyst types, ENTJs are heavy on self-improvement and growth. Thus they will attempt to mold their partner into their image of their perfect person. They believe growing together will bring them closer. ENTJ shows their love for their partner with their goals and experiences they endure together. ENTJ loves to be on top and they need to be successful. Their partner must share or at least want to share these qualities as well with them.

ENTJs are very supportive; they love helping someone achieve a goal. However ENTJs are also extremely time-oriented. Meaning they know when to hit it and quit it, and when to put a ring on it. They know exactly when to hold on tight or when to give up on you.

14. ESTP

Explorer—Less Talking, Little More Action

In true Explorer nature, ESTPs prefer to act than speak. ESTPs can quickly jump into a physical relationship without much emotional remorse. They are very passionate.

As much as an ESTP can love a good debate, they prefer doing something over talking about. They would rather play the sport than watch it on tv.

While they have little restrictions with love, they also have little expectations. ESTPs are here for a day of fun in the sun. If it turns into something more? Great. If it doesn’t? No harm no foul.

15. INTJ

Analyst—Book Smarts, Not Street Smarts

In true Analyst form, they can achieve anything they pretty much set their mind to. However love is the one thing that we can not predict. It does not follow a formal or strict schedule. INTJs succeed with order, plan, and strategy yet the more calculated they become with dating the more they struggle.

INTJs are an extremely rare breed. They have the N for intuition for people reading, the T for thinking logic, and the I for introverted focus. Their only downfall is while their achievements speak volumes, their social skills may come off as “trying too hard.” The truth of the matter is if they learned to let go and live a little looser, everything would become a little bit easier. INTJs do not love as unapologetically because they are simply too calculated. It is not because they care the least—quite the opposite actually. They just have a poor way of expressing their emotions sometimes.

INTJs still treat love like like a game, rather than being themselves they’re playing as an opponent. They need to remember this is a team effort.

INTJs have mastered almost any skill possible they have put their mind to. However, sometimes the more effort you put in love, the less you get out of it.

16. ISTP

Explorer—This Love Is Difficult, But It’s Real

This love is anything but simple. ISTPs are all about the unknown. They dare to be different and they are extremely unpredictable. Which sounds just dandy when it is all fun and games. However it is not so fun when you are falling in love and you are not sure if they are going to catch you.

ISTPs are not the best at expressing their feelings openly. Mostly due to the fact they are constantly changing their mind. In true Explorer nature the jump from one thing/one person to the other.

It can be difficult confronting ISTPs about relationship problems. They absolutely hate anything that feels too forced. Meaning if you force “the what are we talk” on them, that is basically the kiss of the death. “What we are is over now.” Period no question mark needed.

ISTPs need their space like most of us need air. If they feel at all in any way suffocated or their partner is too “clingy” they will end it faster than you can say “check please”. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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