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Ranking The Zodiac Signs By Who Will Most Likely Be Alone On Valentine’s Day

1. Aquarius

Aquarius is off in their own world—they probably forgot Valentine’s day is even still a thing. Aquarians pride themselves on being individuals and they hate conformity of any kind. Even if Aquarius was in a steady committed relationship, I would not be surprised if they decided to boycott the Hallmark holiday altogether. Aquarius would say something like, “Why do we need this one day to prove we love each other?”

Aquarius is also known for running away from emotional expression. This free spirit hates being tied down more than anything. The commitment and so-called “Valentine’s Day” can make Aquarius run like the wind.

2. Capricorn

Capricorn may have a steady partner (and knowing reliable Cap, they do). However, as reliable as Capricorn is, they are even more hardworking. I would not be surprised if workaholic Cap wants to postpone their Valentine’s Day date until their schedule has cleared up a bit.

Capricorn is extremely goal-oriented. The one thing that is on their mind is being successful, not being in love. Capricorn will be more impressed if you picked up their dry cleaning or did some errands to make their day a little lighter rather than writing her a romantic poem.

Like Aquarius, Capricorn is very secure. Capricorn would never need to find a last-minute Valentine’s Day date for validation. Validation for Capricorn runs deeper than a shallow Hallmark holiday. Capricorn needs more than sweet nothings whispered in their ear to make them happy. Capricorn seeks validation with their accomplishments, not with empty affirmations.

3. Aries

Aries is totally the fire sign who goes out on Valentine’s Day stag by choice. Aries is all about fun and games. Aries is a dominant sign and they do not like mixed signals. To avoid any “What are we?” questions in their love life, Aries decides to use this night as an excuse to go out and make the most of it. Aries are very productive and fast-paced people; they do not like anyone slowing them down.

Aries is solo solely because they choose to be. Aries is not insecure at all. Aries are intensely confident and will not settle for anything less than the best. They do not need anyone else to feel whole. Going solo to the bar and picking up someone on Valentine’s Day is a challenge strong Aries will more than gladly accept.

4. Virgo

Similarly to Capricorn, Virgo prioritizes their goals over their personal life. Virgo is a tad more on the insecure side compared to the other stronger signs. Yet Virgos compensate for anything lacking in their love life with their achievements.

Virgo is quality over quantity. They only desire what they deem is worthy. Anything less than they’re worth is simply not worth their time. Virgos like strong relationships and friendships. Virgos are not known for being social butterflies. They would rather have a few great friends than a million acquaintances.

Virgos also hate failure and rejection. Their perfectionist nature can make them strike out at love before they even try. They overthink and tend to back out. Virgos are not known for being risk takers. They have a great sense of pride and are extremely vulnerable, but they hate to show it. It takes a lot of work and patience for Virgo to let down those perfectly built up walls.

5. Gemini

Gemini is always the wild card. On one hand, Gemini can be completely in love and have a romantic Valentine’s day evening planned for weeks. On the other hand, they could be booking a last-minute boy’s trip to Vegas… that he swore he “told you about before.”  Geminis are truly the sign of the twin, and you never know which one you are going to get. Here is the real tricky part: Geminis do not know either.

One day your love was magic, the next day they disappeared. Geminis are lovers of the arts and are immensely romantic. Geminis will paint you a picture, write you a poem, sing you a song. Geminis pretend to use their talents as foreplay, but really they just want to show off.

They will win you over with their smouldering eyes and “I am actually a sensitive guy” plea. However, Geminis are very social and, well, not to be insensitive, but they do the same move on everyone. You are not special, you are just Gemini’s flavor of the month. Geminis get bored very quickly and move on even faster.

As unpredictable as Gemini can be, the one predictable thing about them is they hate being alone. Even if Gemini does not have a date in the works, they will most likely be going out with their buddies looking for their next victim.

6. Pisces

Pisces is one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac. This water sign’s love runs deep. Their depth will not settle for shallow love. Pisces are extremely artistic and intuitive. They actually enjoy alone time. (They more than enjoy it—Pisces need alone time.) Like Virgo, Pisces cares more about quality over quantity. Pisces would be much happier alone with their creative thoughts than with a subpar partner stuck in an empty conversation.

Pisces also have a thirst for adventure, and they tend to escape reality at any chance given to them. Pisces is an old soul. Self-love and wellness is very important to them.

Pisces are very empathetic—they can be known for being manipulated and staying in toxic relationships. However, once they have taken off their rose-coloured glasses, they are a force to be reckoned with. Pisces is by far the deepest sign in the zodiac. They would never buy into the shallow Hallmark made-up holiday craze of Valentine’s day.

7. Scorpio

Scorpios value truth more than any other sign. Ironically, while they want honesty above all else, they are one to keep secrets. Scorpios are extremely careful and sensitive. They do not like revealing intimate things about their personal life. Scorpios are very calculated. They can easily confuse vulnerability with weakness.

Scorpios are exceptionally picky. Scorpios strive for greatness and their partner is no exception to that rule. While Scorpio is untrusting and known to be the jealous type, they are also known in the zodiac as the most sensual sign. Scorpios are that mysterious type—you can’t help it, you just want to crack their code.

Scorpios are very intense, and when they do experience passion, it is not fleeting. Scorpio’s distrusting nature steers towards long relationships over flings. When you finally win a Scorpio’s heart, you have them for life. Scorpio could either be locked down with their longtime love this Valentine’s day or still waiting for Mr. Right, because they will not settle for anything less than perfect.

8. Sagittarius

Fun-loving Sag probably has three dates lined up for themselves on V day. They are the queen of overbooking themselves. Sagittarians are known for their idealistic nature. Sags can get FOMO… a lot. They will always say yes three times more than they will ever say no.

Sagittarians have a great, genuine thirst for life. Sagittarius is truly the “person who is up for anything”… and surprisingly, they pull this off (in not the typical, annoying, people-pleasing way). Sags are yes mans, but they are not fake.

Whatever the occasion, Sagittarius is always ready to make the most of it. They are carefree and easy going. It could be an intimate low-key night in or painting the town red. Sagittarius is the valentine you want to “be mine.”

9. Taurus

Taurus has a lot of love to give. Taurus is one of the most dependable, loyal signs. While Taurus is extremely helpful, they do not always have the best judgment. They tend to find love in the wrong places. Taurus’ devotion can sometimes be interpreted as clingy.

Taurus is extremely invested in love, yet can also be majorly possessive. Taurus is the sign of the stubborn bull. Their stubbornness is a double-edged sword. Taurus’ “never give up” commitment attitude wins over their love. However, the lack of freedom and Taurus’ uncompromising nature is what makes their love slip away.

Despite their stubborn ways, Taurus is unapologetically romantic. Taurus will most likely be spoiling their love on Valentine’s day or in a quest to win someone over.

10. Leo

No one is ever good enough to win proud Leo’s heart. Leo is one of the most confident signs. This sign truly wants to be treated like a princess. If you do not make dinner reservations, do not bother trying to slide into Leo’s DMs. Leo expects the royal treatment always, and Valentine’s day is no exception.

Leos are natural born leaders. They are always the hostess of the group. If Leo is currently unattached for V day, expect them to be the one throwing the Galentine’s Day party. Leos are not insecure, yet they do crave attention more than most.

Do not be surprised if you see Leo out and about on a random Bumble date or back with their ex for the night. Leos are not doing this because their loneliness is killing ‘em, they are probably just bored and want the attention. This praised materialistic worshipping Hallmark holiday was practically made for Leos.

11. Cancer

Cancer is the sweetest and the most delicate sign. Cancers are highly imaginative. They tend to live in the fantasy world over reality. Cancers can romanticize anything. They can put your love on a pedestal, but just as quickly as they fall in love, once they are hurt, there is no coming back. Cancers are a water sign like Pisces and Scorpio—they are on the more emotional side. Water signs are very selective with their company.

Cancers love recognition. Without praise or recognition for their actions, they tend to get a bit moody. Cancers are the sign of the crab, after all. Cancers (like Scorpios) can be highly suspicious and insecure. While Scorpios wear their tough exterior on their sleeve, Cancers are much warmer. Cancer wants to be loved by everyone and it shows.

Cancer is the sign of the homemaker. Their home is wherever their love is. They love domestic activities and feeling needed. Cancer is most likely in the kitchen whipping up a special homemade meal for their loved one on Valentine’s day.

12. Libra

Libra is ruled by Venus and is the sign of marriage. While Libra is a flirty social air sign, they are still extremely loyal. Libra believes in being fair and just. Libra is the symbol of the scale and balance. Although Libra always sees all sides, they tend to choose all sides as well.

Libras are known for being the most indecisive sign. They love literally almost everything and they can barely make a decision of what to eat for lunch that day, let alone what romantic partner to choose.

Libra is the flirt of the zodiac. They are super social and can talk their way out of anything. Yet their gift of gab usually leads them to trouble. Libras have this special way of making everyone feel special. While Libras are truly genuine, their flirting is probably meaningless. If Libra’s love was a ringtone, it would be “Oops… I Did It Again.” Libras tend to lead people on. Libras also hate confrontation, so this leading on cycle can last a while.

Libras can’t help but love the spotlight. Valentine’s day is the day to celebrate being desired. You can imagine Libra will find a last-minute date or gentleman caller to tell them they are pretty.

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