These Are The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Most Skeptical About Love

These Are The 4 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Most Skeptical About Love


Scorpios are considered one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac, but they know sex and love aren’t necessarily interchangeable. As much as they would love to dive headfirst into a romantic relationship with someone, life has taught them that so many people can be untrustworthy. They won’t totally abandon hope, but it takes them quite a while to choose to open up and engage in a real relationship.


Geminis love the idea of a relationship, but they are often skeptical on which love is the one they should commit to. They want to experience the world around them without restraint, so even if they do have strong feelings for a person, they’re still skeptical on if what they are feeling is love, or if there is something better out there. They are open to possibilities, so they won’t completely shut love out of their lives, but they won’t easily commit to just one person without truly thinking it through.


If anyone is going to over-analyze something, you know a Virgo is the first person to look to. While they are thoughtful, patient, and incredible partners, they are also known to take a long time before they start a relationship. They don’t want to waste time, and while they think love is worthwhile in the end they have a hard time believing someone isn’t going to let them down. If they can find someone who is just as committed to being their best self and working on the relationship as they are, they might be open to embracing love and giving it a chance.


Capricorn signs are loyal, but they’re also pessimistic when it comes to love. They aren’t opposed to actually getting into a relationship, but they also can’t help but anticipate all the things that could go wrong. They know that love can work out, and they will work hard if they find someone they care about. It will take quite a bit to convince them to not be so skeptical of love and what it can bring to their life.

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