Wholesome Facts That Will Make You Believe The Best In People Again

25 Wholesome Facts That Will Make You Believe The Best In People Again

There’s still plenty of good in the world. And Ask Reddit can prove it.

1. In Amsterdam, if someone has no next of kin or close family and dies, then a poet will be asked to read at their funeral.

2. The Netherlands sends Canada 20,000 tulip bulbs every year to thank them for their help during WWII.

3. In Germany, they have these “frog fences”. These fences keep the frogs from crossing the roads and getting run over. At the end of the day somebody comes by and gathers the frogs and helps them cross the road.

4. Bob Ross would receive letters every week from his regular viewers. When a regular would stop writing to him, he would call them and make sure they’re ok.

5. Bob Ross also once got a letter from a colorblind viewer who said they can’t paint due to their colorblindness. He then did an episode where he made a painting entirely out of gray colors to prove that anyone can paint.

6. Children who are deaf, and raised by deaf parents will sign repetitive sounds and words at about the same rate hearing babies acquire language. Deaf babies basically sign goo-goo ga-ga the same way hearing children babble when developing language.

7. Billy Joel never sells front-row seats. Instead, he gives them away for free to fans who can’t afford them.

8. You know when babies are smiling and laughing, but then they suddenly turn away? They’re having a happiness overload! Basically their brains can’t handle all the excitement they’re experiencing by what they see, so the only remedy is to just not look anymore.

9. A train station in Japan had plans to close but noticed a student was the only one using it. They decided to close when she graduates from high school.

10. The last time Lichtenstein went to war they sent out 80 men and returned with 81 because the soldiers made a friend.

11. The number of public libraries in the US is far greater than the number of McDonald’s.

12. In some countries, they have “wildlife crossings” which are just grassy green bridges running over highways for animals to cross, so they don’t have to cross the highway. I think it’s the purest thing in the world.

13. My favorite is the Christmas Truce of 1914. Basically during Christmas Eve and Day, German and British soldiers had multiple soccer games against each other in no man’s land during the cease fire. Just shows that soldiers are people and not extensions of their country’s ideology.

14. Volvo was going to patent the modern seatbelt, but they revoked the patent in the interest of saving lives.

15. In New Zealand, if you need to call the Emergency Services you can just ring the number you would use in your own country and you will get through… 911/111/999… it is so that in a situation when you are panicking, you don’t need to remember a new number to get help.

16. Gunfire around Dublin’s St Stephen’s Green during the 1916 Rising was stopped every day to allow for the ducks to be fed.

Park keeper James Kearney would enter the Green daily to feed the waterfowl. Every time he did this, the opposing sides of the Irish Citizen Army and the British forces would cease firing to allow him to do so.

17. Looking into your dog’s eyes produces the same brain chemicals for you and the dog that mothers feel when they stare at their babies.

18. People in long-term relationships (whether romantic, friendly or professional) subconsciously form a macro-organism together. Your brains work together to determine each other’s strengths and assign tasks accordingly to become a more efficient and tightly bonded functioning unit, where your skills are maximized and you can save effort on the stuff your partner kicks ass at. You share a joint superbrain.

19. Blind people smile like everyone else, even though they’ve never seen anyone else smile. It’s just a natural human expression.

20. On the Great British Bakeoff, when a baker really started crying/breaking down, Mel and Sue would shout obscenities to spoil the footage so that it could never be aired.

21. There are volunteers who will sit next to hospice patients who don’t have any friends or family to be with them when they take their last breath. At the hospital we call it no person dies alone.

22. Mr. Rogers hand-wrote letters back to everyone who wrote to him.

23. In the 80s, a man asked his waitress to help pick his lottery numbers. When he won, he came back and tipped her $3,000,000.

24. The voices of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse got married in real life. Wayne Allwine, the voice of Mickey for more than 30 years, married the woman who voiced Minnie, Russi Taylor.

25. Most humans are inherently good and willing to help you in any way. You’ve been helped by a stranger more often than you’ve been hurt. (Online too.) We just remember the bad ones. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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