24 People Share Gory Details Behind The Creepiest Craigslist Posts You’ll Ever Read

iStockPhoto.com / CoffeeAndMilk
iStockPhoto.com / CoffeeAndMilk

Text responses originally from R/AskReddit

1. …Why?

I saw an ad for a white woman who wanted to get pregnant by a black guy and abort the baby.

2. Gently used coffin for sale

Detroit area. A guy wanted to trade for a coffin. Claimed it was never used, but it was still f*cking creepy.

He wanted a mini bike, good rc cars, or guns.

3. More weird sex stuff

Recently saw this one:


I’m an engineer who has built an AI with a vagina. I need someone to come fuck my robot and let me watch.

I can’t fuck it cuz i’m like its dad.”


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    This was too funny… but disturbing

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