24 People Share Gory Details Behind The Creepiest Craigslist Posts You’ll Ever Read

4. Teeth stuff

Guy who wanted someone to pop his hemorrhoid with their teeth tops my list.

5. Wanted: Human flesh to eat

A few years ago I heard about a guy in Europe that put out a craigslist ad in search of someone who was going to commit suicide. He wanted them to do it in his home for the sole purpose of eating them after they were dead. The police set up a sting and arrested the man.

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6. Pasta lovers unite

This has been posted before, but is always good:


7. Innocent fetishes

I love looking through Craigslist ads for shits and giggles. One day I found this ad asking for a female “model” that said NO NUDITY, so I message him to see what his kink is.

This guy replies asking me to put on yoga shorts and roller blades, and have someone video me skating, then falling, scraping my knee, and take pictures of myself aiding the knee. Disinfecting, putting a band aid on, etc. He offered me $100.


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