Don’t Let Toxic Loves Convince You That You’re Better Off Alone

Don’t Let Toxic Love Convince You That You’re Better Off Alone

You’re better off alone than with a toxic partner who is unable to see your worth. You’re better off alone than with someone who causes you to cry yourself to sleep every night. You’re better off alone than with a love that has worn you down.

You never want to stay with the wrong person, just so you can say you’re done with the single life. The single life isn’t half bad. Being on your own is just as beautiful as being in a relationship.

But that doesn’t mean you should swear off relationships forever. That doesn’t mean you should push away anyone who shows interest in you because they’re bound to hurt you in the end. You don’t want to let toxic loves convince you that you’re better off alone.

If you find someone who gives you a warm, fluttery feeling in your chest, you should give them a chance. You don’t have to dive headfirst into the relationship. Be patient. Take your time. Move at a pace that makes you feel comfortable. If they aren’t happy with the boundaries you’ve set, then you can weed them out of your life. They clearly aren’t right for you. But if they stay, if they prove to you they can be trusted, if they make it clear they respect you and admire you and enjoy hanging out with you, there’s no harm in giving them a chance.

Not all relationships are toxic. Not all couples make a habit out of insults and screaming matches. Not all marriages end in resentment and divorce.

You shouldn’t lock away your heart when you’ve found someone willing to handle it gently. You shouldn’t run the other way when you’re faced with someone who could change your life for the better. You shouldn’t allow your fear of the past to get in the way of a future filled with opportunity.

Even though you’ve only experienced toxic loves in the past, love can be soft. It can make you feel safe and secure. You simply need to find the right person, a person who brings out the gentlest side of you. They should make you feel comfortable being yourself. They should feel like home. 

Don’t let toxic loves convince you that you’re better off alone than with a partner who is everything you’ve ever wanted. Don’t assume history is going to repeat itself and that all relationships are the same. Don’t assume that you’re some unlovable monster who is never going to convince someone to stay.

Love could be right around the corner. You should be ready for it when it arrives.

Remember, you deserve beautiful things. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. You are worthy of all the success that is destined to come your way. You might not find the love of your life tomorrow, so enjoy the single life while it’s here. But, please, don’t run away from love when it presents itself. Don’t deprive yourself of someone special because your fear is bigger than your hope.

Holly is the author of Severe(d): A Creepy Poetry Collection.

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