When Should I Stop Chasing You?

When Should I Stop Chasing You?

Your signals are all over the place. I cannot tell whether it’s in my best interest to back off and let you have your space or whether I should continue bombarding you with texts and chasing you down.

You act different every other day. I cannot figure out what you want from me.

I’ll text you one day and you will give me a one-word answer, which makes me think you aren’t interested in dating me. It makes me think you have me listed low on your priority list. It makes me think I should give up on you.

Of course, texting you again is too tempting. I always end up doing it anyway. When you text back the next day, it’s like you are a completely different person. You are flirtatious. You are playful. You are all over me.

If you were consistent with your actions, I wouldn’t have a problem deciding what to do with you. If you were always evasive with me, I would walk away from you. I wouldn’t even bat an eye. I would decide I deserved better.

But you mix up your reactions. You are talkative one day and silent the next. I’m never sure whether I should take your weird moods as hints you aren’t interested — or whether I should give you another shot because people are complex and you might have been having a bad day and I should be more understanding of that fact.

I keep giving you the benefit of the doubt, but maybe you don’t deserve it. Maybe your actions are warning signs. Maybe they are red flags I should be searching for somebody else.

I could move on from you but I don’t want to move on from you. That is the problem. I’m not sure whether there is a chance we are going to get together eventually or whether I am wasting my time.

If you are interested in dating me, I would be happy to continue sending first texts and coming up with conversation starters. I would be happy to continue chasing after you.

On the other hand, if I knew you weren’t interested in dating me, I would give up. I would stop wasting my time with you. I would accept your decision.

The fact that I’m not sure which move is the right move has been driving me insane. I cannot figure out which road to take. I keep going back and forth, second guessing my decisions.

When should I stop chasing you? I’m not sure where the line is drawn between trying to impress you in the hopes you will date me and desperately seeking attention from someone who is never going to feel the same way. 

I’m not sure whether your name needs to be deleted from my phone or whether I should be sending another text to show you how much you mean to me. I’m not sure which move is the right move.

When should I stop chasing you? For all I know, maybe I should have stopped a long time ago. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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