Love Is About Friendship, Not Passion

A friendship
Unsplash / Dani Vivanco

Love is about texting five times in a row without feeling weird about it because you know that they would never consider you a bother.

Love is about critiquing every movie you watch and explaining how you two could have written it better.

Love is about sitting on opposite ends of the couch, on separate laptops, and feeling completely comfortable in the silence. 

Love is about acting like little kids who build blanket forts and draw with chalk on the sidewalk.

Love is about using silly voices and making up songs about each other.

Love is about looking like a complete moron in front of them and having them call you cute instead of crazy.

Love is about making stupid jokes just to annoy them because even though they seem unimpressed, you are positive they are secretly entertained.

Love is about looking at each other from across a crowded room and knowing exactly what they are thinking.

Love is about buying each other comfortable socks and pajamas instead of only lingerie. 

Love is about sharing your beer and your fries, even though you could easily finish them yourself.

Love is about sharing inside jokes that no one else would find funny, because your sense of humor is so similar.

Love is about getting upset when they are upset and excited over whatever they are excited about.

Love is about telling each other everything, no matter how embarrassing, because they would never stop loving you over your awkwardness.

Love is about admitting when you miss each other because you never hold back your feelings from them.

Love is about who listens to you vent when you come home from work two hours late because of the heavy traffic. 

Love is about who makes you laugh the hardest when you were on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Love is about who you are able to call an idiot with a grin on your face.

Love is about who gives you the energy to face your day, just by being there to kiss your forehead before you leave for work.

Love is about who makes you feel confident within your skin. Who makes you feel beautiful and intelligent and powerful. Who makes you feel proud to be exactly who you are.

Love isn’t about who you want to kiss. Who you want to fuck. Whose clothing you want to rip off in the middle of the day when no one else is home.

Obviously, it helps to have passion in a relationship. You should have passion in a relationship. You should love what your person looks like naked. You should think they are the sexiest person in any room. You should want to press your lips hard against their lips. 

But love is so much more than that. It is about more than sex. More than physical intimacy. It is also about emotional intimacy. It is about being best friends first. It is about liking each other as much as you love each other. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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