This Is What Intimacy Really Means, Because It’s More Than Having Hot Sex

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Intimacy is more than taking off your clothes and climbing on top of each other. It’s more than kissing on the neck and exploring intimate areas. It’s more than having natural chemistry.

Intimacy is more than being unable to keep your hands off of each other and having hot sex every night.

Intimacy means cuddling. Hand holding. Extra long hugs.

Intimacy means you show your affection through touch. By interlocking fingers from across a restaurant table. By sitting with your legs touching on the couch. By wrapping a hand around their waist as you walk through the mall.

Intimacy means being completely comfortable with another person. It means walking around the house without makeup, sleeping naked, and showering together. It means letting another person see you when not only your body is bare, but when your heart is bare.

Intimacy takes time to build. It isn’t the passion you feel beneath the sheets during a first date, it’s not something that comes to you automatically. You have to work for it. You have to put in effort and create trust first.

That’s because intimacy also has to do with the mind. It means talking about things you’ve never told another soul. It means being honest about who you are as a person. It means letting your true self out for once and for all.

Intimacy means communicating about the things you would rather leave unsaid. It means talking to each other when silence would be more comfortable. It means saying what you’re thinking as you’re thinking it.

Sleeping together just isn’t enough. It’s great if you know which sex position will make your partner moan the loudest, if you know the quickest route to cause their orgasm.

But you should know just as much about their mind as you know about their body.

What do they think about during late nights when they’re having trouble sleeping? What would they do with their life if their choices were limitless? What makes them happy? What makes them excited? What makes them them?

Intimacy means knowing the answers to personal questions. It means feeling like you’ve known them for years longer than you actually have.

Intimacy means being close to someone — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It means showing someone every single piece of you, even the ones you wish you could keep a secret.

Intimacy means hiding nothing and revealing everything. Intimacy means being 100% authentic.

Intimacy is what helps a relationship last a lifetime. TC mark

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