50 Non-Sexual Ways Women Want To Be Touched

Brandon Woelfel
Brandon Woelfel

1. Brush a strand of hair out of her face and push it behind her ear.

2. Tilt her chin up before you kiss her.

3. Come up behind her and wrap your arms around her in a tight hug.

4. Hold her hand and squeeze.

5. Rest your hand on her thigh when you’re sitting beside her.

6. Play footsie with her beneath the dinner table.

7. Be the big spoon when you cuddle her.

8. Pull her close and dance with her, even without any music playing.

9. Lift her up and spin her around when you see her for the first time in forever.

10. Carry her around the house bridal-style.

11. Rest your hand on her hip as you walk through the mall.

12. Let her rest her head on your lap when you’re relaxing on the couch.

13. Kiss her on the forehead.

14. Put your arm around her shoulders when you’re watching a film.

15. Run your thumb along her lower lip.

16. Place your forehead against hers and stare into her eyes.

17. Run your thumb across her knuckles while holding her hand.

18. Let her rest in between your legs and give her a shoulder massage.

19. Link arms and walk around like an old fashioned couple.

20. Run your hands through her hair.

21. Rest your head on her lap so she can play with your hair.

22. Let your breath tickle her ear as you whisper into it.

23. Sit so close that your arm is grazing up against hers.

24. Drape your jacket over her shoulders when she’s shivering.

25. Wipe a stray eyelash off of her cheek.

26. Help her adjust her necklace when the clasp falls to the front.

27. Wrap an arm around her when she’s had too much to drink and needs help standing.

28. Give her a foot massage.

29. Place her fingers over yours as you play the guitar or the piano to help her learn.

30. Kiss her on the cheek while she takes a selfie.

31. Place your hand up against hers to compare your hand sizes.

32. Help her undress.

33. Give her butterfly kisses by batting your eyelashes up against her skin.

34. Touch her arm while you’re laughing at something she’s said.

35. Kiss her on the nose.

36. Put your hand on the small of her back as you’re walking through a crowded area.

37. Tickle her.

38. Let her rest her head on your shoulder when she’s tired.

39. “Accidentally” brush up against her.

40. Kiss her on the shoulder.

41. Lean across the table to feed her from your fork.

42. Stand behind her while you golf or bowl.

43. Try being the little spoon when you cuddle her.

44. Give her a high-five after she does something impressive.

45. Pull her close to feel your body heat when she’s cold.

46. Kiss her on the back of the hand.

47. Help her take her glasses off before you kiss her.

48. Lift her up when you hug her.

49. Lightly run your fingers up and down her arm.

50. Caress her cheek as you kiss her on the lips. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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