Date Someone Who Double Texts

Girl who double texts
Unsplash / Pete Bellis

Date someone who texts you after parting ways for the night to make sure that you got home safe.

Date someone who texts you after hanging out with you to say they had a great time and can’t wait to see you again.

Date someone who texts you when you are in a crowded room together just to tell you how sexy you look.

Date someone who texts you during commercials of the show you’re both watching to ask you what you thought about the last scene.

Date someone who texts you when they don’t really have anything to say, because they just want to talk to you.

Date someone who texts you during their lunch breaks, even if it’s only to say that work has been crazy busy and they’re sorry they haven’t paid much attention to you that day.

Date someone who sends you good morning texts, because you are the first thought in their head when their eyes open.

Date someone who sends you goodnight texts, because they keep in touch with you throughout the entire day.

Date someone who double texts you if they have something more to say. Someone who never holds themselves back from talking to you. Someone who refuses to play games because they aren’t afraid of their own feelings.

Date someone who talks to you whenever they have the urge to talk to you. Someone who doesn’t become paranoid about looking too clingy and desperate and attached. Someone who does what their heart wants without worrying about what anybody will think of them.

Date someone who initiates conversations half of the time so you aren’t always the one who has to reach out. Someone who makes sure the relationship isn’t one-sided. Someone who makes it clear that you are on their mind, even when you aren’t in the same room together.

Date someone who answers your messages as soon as they get the chance, not someone who purposely keeps you waiting. Not someone who leaves you hanging for three days straight before deciding to give you an answer. Not someone who ignores you just because they can. Not someone who thinks they can mess with your emotions.

Date someone who texts you in the middle of the afternoon when they are completely sober. Not someone who waits until midnight to remember you exist. Not someone who only texts you when they want you to come over at the last second. Not someone who only texts you when they need something.

Date someone who texts you with their good news and with their bad news. Someone who texts you about everything and nothing at all. Someone who texts you to let you know how much they miss you and how they wish you were sitting beside them instead.

Date someone who puts in actual effort over the phone and face-to-face. Someone who never lets a day go by without talking to you because they love having you in their world. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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