This Is Why Passionate Girls Come Across As Clingy

This Is Why Passionate Girls Come Across As Clingy

She texts first and initiates dates and blurts out how she feels. But that doesn’t mean she’s clingy. She’s not going to wilt without your love.

She can survive on her own. She’s perfectly capable of lasting the weekend without a hot date and eating a dinner cooked for one.

This girl isn’t desperate. She’s passionate.

She would rather come on too strong than too weak. She would rather admit that she cares than pretend that she’s heartless.

She isn’t interested in games. Sending mixed signals. Playing hard to get. Trying to trick someone into liking her by being a watered down version of herself.

In her mind, it’s better to text back after two seconds than two hours. It’s better to make plans than act like she’s too busy to see you. It’s better to admit how much she likes you than to hint about her feelings for months.

Why lie? Why pretend? Why not take a leap and speak from the heart? Why not be honest with someone she wishes would do her the same courtesy?

She comes across as clingy, because she’s truthful — and because she values her time. She doesn’t want to waste it on the wrong person. So she’s going to reach out to you, text you and call you and ask you if you’re free, instead of sitting on her couch and hoping that you’ll contact her soon.

She’s always going to take action. She’s not going to wait around. That’s not her style.

She’s forward, because she wants the real deal. She doesn’t want a fling that lasts for under a month. She wants a strong relationship with someone that takes her seriously.

So if she texts you too many times or tells you she likes you too early, that’s okay. She’s not going to hide her truth to make you feel more comfortable. If her passion scares you off, oh well. It means that you weren’t the right person for her. It means that it’s time for her to move along and find someone that sees the world like she does.

You might think that she’s clingy, because she drowns you in compliments — sends you tidal waves of affection. But, really, all that proves is how brave she is.

So many people hide their feelings, because they’re scared of being judged. They don’t want to be accused of feeling too much. Of falling too hard too fast.

But she doesn’t care about appearing clingy. She lets love win. She follows her gut and that takes courage — especially when everyone else is stuck in a competition of who can care less.

Unlike everyone else, she doesn’t want to come across as chill, as the girl that doesn’t care about whether or not you remain in her life. She wants to show you that she cares. She wants to make you feel special. Important. Loved.

To her, that’s what dating is about. Being transparent from the start. Being sweet and sappy and sentimental, and not caring how it makes her look as long as it makes you happy.

To be perfectly honest, she doesn’t care if people mistakenly call her clingy, because she knows the truth. She’s just being authentic. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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