She Is Too Mature To Play Dating Games

Girl playing dating games
Unsplash / Andrew Robles

She is too mature to waste her time with someone who thinks it’s cool to keep her waiting. Someone who thinks that he will actually raise his chances of being with her by treating her like shit.

She is too mature to spend weeks talking to someone who is only going to ghost. She is too mature to hand her heart over to someone who already has three other girls on the side. She is too mature to deal with boys who think they can get away with anything in this modern world.

Giving her a backhanded compliment won’t make her want you more. Taking ten hours to answer a simple text won’t make her want you more. In fact, it will send her running in the other direction.

She doesn’t need someone in her life who makes her fight for his attention, who acts like he’s superior to her, who acts like he couldn’t care less about her.

Tearing her apart, testing her patience, making her question her worth — none of those things are successful flirting techniques.

She has too much confidence to stick with someone who treats her like an option. She has other things to do beside stare at her phone, wondering when you are going to reply.

If you don’t text her back, she won’t search her brain trying to figure out what she did wrong. She will say fuck you and lose interest. She will leave you in her past.

She is finished with boys who like all of her selfies while ignoring her messages. She is done with boys who keep claiming they miss her but never actually create plans to hang out with her. She is sick of people playing hard to get. Tired of people acting like they care less than they actually do.

She wants someone who is unafraid of speaking his mind. Someone who will walk up to her, ask her out on an official date, and admit how much he likes her. Someone who refuses to hold back.

She doesn’t want to have to guess how you feel. She doesn’t want to be stuck in an almost relationship with no clue whether you’re going to decide to date her or break her heart in half.

She wants someone mature enough to say how he feels without her having to drag it out of him. Someone mature enough to handle fights with respect and come to her with an apology. Someone mature enough to make a true commitment that he will never break.

She is ready for something serious enough to lead to marriage. So if you are too immature to take her out on a proper date and agree to dinner with her parents, if you are too immature to answer her texts that same day and stay loyal to only one woman, then she isn’t going to chase after you. She is going to let you leave.

Because she is too mature for your dating games. She is too old to deal with someone who acts so childish. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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