Zodiacs Ranked By How Likely They Are To Cover Themselves In Tattoos

Girl covered in tattoos
Unsplash / Miranda Wipperfurth

1. Aries

Aries are adventurous. Spontaneous. Unpredictable. If they decide they want a tattoo on a whim, then they are going to get one. And it doesn’t matter if it is going to be on the most sensitive part of their body, because they can handle it. They welcome the pain. They embrace it.

2. Scorpio

If they go more than a few months without a new tattoo, they start to get restless. Scorpios are badass and they want you to know it just by glancing at them. They are unafraid of getting large, elaborate pieces or entire sleeves. Who cares about how much it costs if it comes out nice?

3. Capricorn

Capricorns don’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks. If their employer or even their grandmother gets mad about their covered arms, it doesn’t make a difference to them. All that matters is that they are happy with their own body. And since it is their own body, they are going to do whatever they want to it.

4. Aquarius

This sign will get lyrics tattooed onto them. Quotes from their favorite novel. Notes from their favorite song. They are obsessed with the idea of tattoos, but they always want them to hold meaning. They think that each design should have a story behind it.

5. Libra

Libras are always looking for new ways to express themselves. Combine that with their love of beauty and you have someone who is always willing to get new tattoos. You can expect them to get a design of a star, a sunset, a moon, or a flower at some point in their life. Something you can find in nature.

6. Sagittarius

They will get tattoos that hold meaning to them, and they won’t explain that meaning to anyone (except maybe a few super close friends). What their artwork means is no one else’s business. They hate being asked about it.

7. Leo

Leos want to look sexy — and what is sexier than tattoos and piercings? This sign will get at least one tattoo in their lifetime, because it will make them feel more confident. They just love the way that body art looks. They think it makes anyone more attractive.

8. Cancer

No one would expect a Cancer to have a tattoo, but they are more badass then they look. Of course, they usually have their ink hidden underneath their shirt, behind their ear, or on the back of their neck. They like the subtlety of it.

9. Pisces

Even though this sign is willing to get ink, they won’t step into the tattoo parlor alone. They are going to get their tattoo with a friend or family member. They might even get matching sister tattoos or best friend tattoos. Something that cements their relationship for life.

10. Taurus

This sign is usually open to the idea of getting a tattoo. It’s not like they’re against it. But honestly, they would rather get henna.

11. Virgo

Virgos like to think before they act, so they aren’t going to head to the tattoo parlor until they know exactly what they want on their body. They are the kind of person who will talk and talk and talk about how badly they want a certain tattoo — but will never go through with it. It will take them years to sit in that chair.

12. Gemini

Geminis are always changing their minds about what they want. They will hesitate to get tattoos, because they’re worried that they are going to end up hating the design a few years, or even months, later. They don’t want to do something they regret. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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