How To Date A Gemini

image - Flickr / Terence Faircloth
image – Flickr / Terence Faircloth

The Gemini (born May 21 – June 21) is probably the chattiest sign in the Zodiac. Geminis are, in a way, easy to date, because you can just let them do all the talking. Open with a topic, any topic, and watch the Gemini roll with it. They’re adaptable like that.

But it’s not just mindless chatter; the Gemini is driven by their intellectual instinct. They love to learn about things and share their knowledge. They’re likely to watch YouTube instructional videos. So ask them about their hobbies and anything new in their lives. They’ll be happy to offer whatever they got. They’re the kind of people who know what Tom Petty’s middle name is, so feel free to have a trivia night with your Gemini date.

The Gemini woman has a certain fondness for vintage styles and red lipstick. Geminis in general have a way with nostalgia. It’s because they’re such deep-thinking signs. But they don’t get bogged down in the past – Geminis are fast on their feet, always heading in new directions.

The term “duality” is used with Geminis a lot. People say they have split personalities – that they’re hyperactive little social butterflies one minute, and calm lone wolves the next. So don’t be offended if this happens on your Gemini date. (Or be offended, whatever, it’s your life, but your being offended isn’t going to make the situation any better.)

Also keep in mind that the Gemini is an easily distracted sign. You may feel on your date like you have to be an overexcited kid’s show host – like Marc Summers on crack – in order to keep your date’s attention. This is perfectly normal. The Gemini will be rattling off a description of their day and then get easily detoured by the song that’s playing in the restaurant and will start telling a story about how that song relates to their life – and all you really have to do is nod along, politely. There’s a lot going on in a Gemini’s mind. They’re very creative, thoughtful, intelligent signs.

Which is why a Gemini makes a great date for a party. Even on the first date. Seriously, don’t be shy, because the Gemini won’t be. And they’re always game. Some Geminis are more introspective and not as talkative as others, but those Geminis still possess the uncanny ability to be good at parties. That’s the thing about Geminis – they give good party. And a party at a Gemini’s house is likely to look like a Miley Cyrus music video – the recent stuff, obviously, not the Hannah Montana stuff. So go ahead and invite your Gemini to your next social gathering.

Really, all you need to do on your date with a Gemini is ask them flirty questions about themselves and watch the Gem take it from there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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