Mature Girls Will Not Wait Two Hours To Text You Back

A mature girl waiting for a text
Unsplash / Azat Satlykov

Mature girls don’t have the time or the patience for dating games.

A mature girl isn’t going to read your text and purposely wait two or three hours to answer you. She isn’t intentionally going to put you through the torture of waiting for a reply.

She is going to text you back as soon as she finds the time, as soon as it is convenient, because she has a busy schedule. If she finds a free moment, she is going to use it to respond to you, whether twenty minutes have passed or twenty seconds have passed — and she won’t be embarrassed about it.

If she likes you, then there is no sense in putting off her reply. The sooner she answers you, the sooner she will hear back from you. That’s the way that she sees it, because she doesn’t understand the desire to play hard to get. Se doesn’t get why anyone would treat the person who they want to date like a person who they couldn’t care less about.

If she has feelings for you, she is going to put in effort with you. She is going to make time for you. And she sure as hell is going to text back within a reasonable time frame (unless something legitimately keeps her away from her phone).

She doesn’t see how sending a prompt text back could make her come across as desperate or clingy or overeager. If anything, it should make her come across as reliable and attentive and kind. It should make her come across as someone who can be counted on.

It’s not like she is sitting around, staring at her phone, keeping her fingers poised for when a reply comes through. Any guy who thinks that clearly doesn’t know her well enough, because she has a packed schedule. She leads a busy life.

If she texts back quickly, that means she cares about you. That means you are an important piece of her life.

You should be flattered that she considers talking to you a priority. You should be thankful that she carves out a few minutes of her day for a conversation when she could easily ignore you. When she could leave you hanging until the weekend, and then blame her late reply on the fact that she has so much stuff to do.

But a mature girl will not wait two hours to text you back, because she doesn’t believe in playing games. She believes in being authentic. In letting the people who she cares about know that they are loved.

Mature girls don’t see the point in pretending. She would rather make it clear how she feels about someone than act like that person means nothing to her. She would rather send a text back right away than put it off and end up forgetting about it completely.

A mature girl isn’t interested in impressing others with manipulations and masks. With her, what you see is what you get. With her, you can always expect honesty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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