This Is Why The Most Faithful Girls Come Across As Clingy

Faithful girl
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She comes across as clingy, because she wants you and only you. She has no interest in exploring her other options. She is a one-guy-at-a-time kind of girl.

If she has admitted to having feelings for you, then you can be assured that you are the only person she is currently pursuing. You are the only boy in the back — and front — of her mind.

She does not ‘talk’ to several suitors at once. She does not swipe through dating apps when she is already involved with someone. She does not flirt with strangers at bars or hit up old flames when she has already found someone she is serious about.

Maybe she is old fashioned, but she believes that playing the field is bullshit. She would rather focus on one person at a time. She would rather put all of her effort into getting to know one guy than splitting her time between two or three or five.

She comes across as clingy, because she has no problem admitting where she stands. She is not shy about how much she likes you, because she believes in being open and honest. She believes you deserve to know what has been running through her mind.

She comes across as clingy, because as soon as she falls for someone new, she goes all in. She takes a step back from her dating apps. She keeps her distance from her exes. She gets rid of anything that could tempt her to cheat physically or emotionally.

She believes that it is the least she can do for the person she is seeing. She believes that the relationship has a stronger chance of lasting if they both take it seriously from day one.

She comes across as clingy, because she would rather put an official label on the relationship as soon as possible than wonder whether you are as invested in her as she is in you. She wants to make sure that you two are on the same page, that you want the same things.

She doesn’t want to end up in another almost relationship. She doesn’t want to end up getting hurt again.

And she doesn’t want to find out that — even though she has sworn off of flirting with everyone else except for you — you have been snapping other girls, crushing on other girls, going out on casual dates with other girls.

She prides herself on being faithful, so she expects you to return the favor. She doesn’t want to deal with any sketchy, late night texts where you claim you’re still stuck at work. She isn’t going to stand for someone who lies to her, manipulates her, deceives her.

She is only going to date someone who is as trustworthy as her. Someone who is ready for a real commitment.

The most faithful girls might come across as clingy, but that’s only because they are willing to put all of their effort into a relationship instead of acting like they couldn’t care less about the other person. Because, when they decide to date someone, they take their status seriously. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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