13 Things Mature Women Don’t Have Time To Deal With

Konstantin Kryukovskiy
Konstantin Kryukovskiy

1. Toxic friends. Mature women don’t hold grudges. They simply remove the toxic friend from their life, so they no longer have to think about how they’ve been wronged. There aren’t enough hours in the day for petty arguments — and frenemies is such an ugly word.

2. Immature men. Mature women aren’t willing to settle. They aren’t willing to do their partner’s laundry and wash the dishes while he sits on his ass and watches Netflix. Their expectations are as high as their heels.

3. Public opinion. Mature women don’t dress to impress the people around them. They dress for their own satisfaction. It doesn’t matter if everyone else cringes at their bright purple lipstick, because they’re going to wear it with confidence.

4. Female competition. Mature women aren’t jealous when their best friend gets a promotion or announces her engagement. They push their friends to achieve success. They’re supportive, not competitive.

5. Disapproval. Mature women let the nasty comments about their looks and love life roll right off their back. They don’t care what their aunts think about them still being single or if their friends hate their newest boyfriend. They live their life without waiting for approval.

6. Almost relationships. Mature women don’t want to waste their time. They don’t want to text a special someone for months, only to realize that a real relationship is never going to develop. They want it all or nothing at all.

7. Relationship regrets. Mature women don’t scroll through social media, thinking nasty thoughts about their ex’s new girlfriend. They recognize that they’re right where they need to be — and that their ex is long gone, and that’s where he’s meant to be.

8. Being held back. Mature women are going to ignore the naysayers that claim they can’t reach their goals — and then they’re going to prove them wrong. They’re going to get that dream career, even if it kills them.

9. Looking perfect. Mature women understand that perfection is a myth. If their hairdo comes undone or their nails get chipped, they don’t throw a hissy fit. They continue going about their day with confidence, because they know they’re badass, regardless of what they look like.

10. Impressing others. Mature women don’t set out to make their exes jealous. It happens naturally, because they do what they want to do. They live life for themselves.

11. Liars. Mature women don’t want to sit there, debating whether or not you’re telling the truth. They’d rather walk away. They’d rather surround themselves with people they can wholly trust.

12. Beating themselves up. Mature women don’t dwell on the mistakes they’ve made. They figure out what went wrong and vow to never repeat the error. They let their setbacks help shape them into someone stronger, not weaker.

13. Shitty people. Mature women hate relying on others, because they know there’s always a chance they’ll be let down. That’s why they own their independence. They take care of themselves and don’t need anyone’s help to reach success. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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