26 Baffled Foreigners Reveal The Strangest American ‘Food’ They’ve Seen

16. Anonymous

When I’m in the US what I find most strange is not the foods that I don’t get at home, but the variations on the ones that I do, for example bread. To me, bread should not taste sweet, it’s a savoury food (any Americans who are now thinking that their bread doesn’t taste sweet, trust me it does, you’re just desensitised to it). I tried pretty much every brand available in an effort to find one that was edible and they were all nearer to cake than to what I think of as bread.

And it’s not just bread, every food that at home is savoury tastes sweet in America, and every food that at home is sweet is so sugary that I can’t eat it for fear of getting diabetes.

17. Fabio D’Aleo

Chicken and waffles: as Italian, I was raised into the belief that impassable boundaries exist between meat mains and desserts

18. Katie Bremer

Oatmeal. I worked with a bunch of folks from Korea, and brought in instant oatmeal to heat up for breakfast. They thought it was totally gross.

And here in Mexico, it is weird to eat oatmeal for a morning meal. Oatmeal, or avena, is consumed in the form of atole – usually strained to be a oatmeal-esque drink. But never like porridge. Granola – toasted oats – is considered an ok breakfast food.


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