26 Baffled Foreigners Reveal The Strangest American ‘Food’ They’ve Seen

19. Lars Bastholm

When I first arrived in the US 20 years ago, I was mostly shocked by the ‘salads’. With the amount of cheese and bacon and dressing they contained, there was barely room for any vegetables. And they were not healthy. A taco salad: A 3,000 calorie monster.

The other major surprise was the size of the portions (I was in the Mid-West). If you finished everything on your plate, you could barely walk afterwards. There was at least twice as much food on my plate than I’d ever had before.

And s’mores. I just don’t get them…

20. John Morrow

Biscuits and that bizarre white gravy you guys love. What the hell is that made from?

21. Aaron Yoni Gerblich

I took my Israeli wife to a soda bar in Denver and ordered up an authentic Root Beer Float.

Needless to say, she was not impressed by the look or flavor. She was horrified.

I have to say, it is a little strange to plop a ball of ice cream in your soda, but I enjoy it.


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